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  1. tomcatman24

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    Very well said. Thanks!
  2. tomcatman24

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    Thanks again for all your thoughts everyone. What I am hearing is there should be a fairly good increase in performance by going to a 1060 and even more by going to a 1070 and maybe even a 1070ti. Is a 1080 a little overkill for pairing with the i7-4790k? Finances will probably be the determining factor but I also don't want to short myself too much...
  3. tomcatman24

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! Yeah, I was hoping card prices would come down since the 2080s, etc came out but that doesn't appear to be the case. I am also leery of buying a used graphics card since I don't know who had it or if they overclocked it or whatever they did to it. This will be my flight sim computer for at least a few years yet, so I won't update the cpu, motherboard, etc. I figure the 960 is the weakest part of my system right now as far as flight sim goes, so that is the component I plan to upgrade at some point. And from a few of your responses, it sounds like it would make a difference even going to a 1060...
  4. tomcatman24

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    Hi all, I have a gpu question. I am flying on P3dv4 and have been almost since it came out. Currently, I am running an i7 4790k running at stock speeds with the turbo on (4.4 Ghz) and it is paired with a GTX 960. For the most part, this combo does well. However, for a while, I have been thinking about upgrading my graphics card. Two questions... 1) What do you think is the best graphics card to pair with an i7 4790k on p3dv4? 1060? 1070? 1080? 2) With that/those graphics cards, how much of a performance (frames/smoothness) increase would there be? I ask this mainly because even in scenery heavy places like around KSEA with Orbx PNW and Taxi2Gate KSEA, my cpu is maxed out while my gpu runs significantly lower than 100%. The place the gpu really kicks in is in heavy clouds, night lighting, etc... So, how much of a difference would upgrading the 960 make? Would I only see improvement in heavy weather, etc? Or would there be improvement everywhere? Thanks for your thoughts in advance!