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  1. I got a newsletter about this Back to School Sale happening at http://www.feelthere.com/ This is the link with all discounted products listed http://www.feelthere.com/product-category/holiday-sales/ I bought myself a few Add-on airports for Tower!3D Pro I don't know the ending date. This is also my first thread on the forum, so I hope I did everything by the book 🙂
  2. aviationlover1

    Death Knell for Fltplan GO ?

    It makes me dissapointed about them.
  3. Thanks you, this is great news
  4. aviationlover1

    Ground Operations in VR

    Seems Awesome!
  5. aviationlover1

    Aerosoft Summer sale 30% off!

    Yes, I will do that haha
  6. aviationlover1

    ORBX Freezing Hot Summer Sale

    word not allowed man, I didn't expect that.
  7. aviationlover1

    Aerosoft Summer sale 30% off!

    Is the sale still available?
  8. aviationlover1

    Fsimstudios Tocumen MPTO - 30% off

    Wow, this looks good. Thank you
  9. aviationlover1

    justflight summer sale

    Is it still available?
  10. aviationlover1

    ORBX Freezing Hot Summer Sale

    Wow 50% off, I was waiting for a sale for this for so long.
  11. aviationlover1

    Scariest commercial flight?

    Sounds like standard procedure lol !!
  12. aviationlover1

    Flight level 270 - Possible Scam

    Great explanation. Thanks
  13. aviationlover1

    Pro Flight Simulator

    Yes, I also sign up for them and they just keep spamming me on my email.
  14. aviationlover1

    Virtual Pilot 3D - Don't buy it!!

    Thanks for this, I was going to buy it.
  15. aviationlover1

    POSCON online flying

    Is it open yet??