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  1. mrfilbert

    UK PR scenery coming 2 times

    This may be a daft question, but I've been wanting to ask it for a while and here seems as good a place as any: Do you think there's any chance that the ORBX TrueEarth GB scenery might improve performance around London in P3D? I ask because London has been notoriously resource-intensive since at least FS9, and I just wonder if ripping out the default autogen etc and replacing it with something else might actually help? It feels like this is probably wishful thinking, but I've recently spent a lot of money on a new rig and it drives me mad that I still can't fly into Heathrow in a complex aircraft without stutters, just like I couldn't when I was last simming 10 years ago on FS9 on a laptop! Any light at the end of the tunnel?
  2. mrfilbert

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    You can change this in GSX settings, under 'customise aircraft' I believe.