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  1. If you're interested, here's the section from my Dubai stream looking at the airport scenery: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2011789112
  2. I've become a streamer, streaming for clicks and cash! 😉 No, I'm still around but I'm doing fewer videos and more streams because I enjoy them more. Those reviews took me a good 8 hours each, which was fine during lockdown when the whole process was new and fun and there wasn't much else to do, but it got to the point that I was dreading doing them and I also got sick of listening to myself saying the same sorts of things over and over again, so i stopped. I do feel a bit bad about not doing them any more as I know people liked them and found them useful, but life's just too short to do things that you dislike doing (outside of earning a living!) Whenever there's a new airport out these days, I do a flight to it on Twitch and review it live on arrival. I don't go into quite as much detail as I used to, but I think these reviews give a good idea of whether the airport's worth buying or not.
  3. Hey Carts! Nice to hear from you and thanks for thinking of me. All's well but I've still not been tempted back into the world of scenery reviews I'm afraid. The last one I did was a year and seven days ago. They just take a very long time to do and this is not balanced by the number of views they get unfortunately. Then there's the general feeling of drudgery that comes from listening to myself saying the same old things over and over again! 😂 If there's (god forbid) another lockdown or something else that leads to me having loads of time on my hands then I may do some catching up, but otherwise I'll be sticking to having a look at new products live on Twitch. Anyhow, seeing as you asked, here's what I think of it so far, briefly and in text form! The good: General atmosphere - excellent Modelling - excellent Building Textures - excellent Performance - incredible. Better than many worse-looking, smaller airports for me Night lighting - very good Ground Textures - mostly very good, some oddities here and there Taxiway bridge visuals - very good The less good: Glass - disappointed that it disappears from the inside. It seems to be something that FlyTampa have never quite managed to get right. Taxiway bridge taxi experience - disappointingly bumpy, but I know they're working on a fix Interior modelling - not bad at all, but not up to the standard of some other devs (before you all start, yes, I know it's a FLIGHT simulator!) Oddities with jetways - sometimes the wrong one moves I'm certain they'll fix the odd bug that people have found but, given how long they've been working on it, I was a little surprised it wasn't more polished on release. Overall though, another fantastic addition to the sim and you'd be mad not to buy it. Cheers, Filbert
  4. Hello all! I don't normally promote my streams on here as I figured those of you who want to watch me fly planes are already following me on Twitch, but this one's a little different. PMDG's Robert Randazzo will be joining me live for a community Q&A, and I thought some of you might like to come along and watch or put your questions to him. If so, it would be great to see you over at https://twitch.tv/filbertflies. 🙂 All the best, Filbert
  5. This is covered in my review video. There are none taking up gates at passenger or cargo terminals.
  6. I don't have the FeelThere version so I can't say with absolute certainty, but I have never heard anything good about it! Comparing pictures, this appears to win hands down in every regard.
  7. I've got to be honest, while I appreciate this would be useful to a number of people, I don't know the first thing about AI parking space coding as I don't use any AI traffic and haven't since the P3D days - I always fly on Vatsim. While I could potentially get an AI Traffic add-on and learn all about it, realistically, I just don't want to make these videos any longer than they already are (or spend any longer making them than I currently do)! Sorry.
  8. Hi all, iniBuilds' LAX is due to release later today. Here's my review of it 🙂 https://youtu.be/_LL3LSr8-Ic
  9. I think this is because they're referred to as "waypoints" in the manual, Umberto 😉 I do kind of agree with the comments here. Coming from the quick & simple graphical interface of Toolbar Pushback, this does feel laborious, even if you don't place a single waypoint. Don't get me wrong: overall, the pushback experience is miles ahead of anything else available, but an updated, clickable path creation method would be very useful indeed.
  10. My understanding is that, for now, GSX passenger loading is not connected in any way to the Fenix EFB, so you'd click the load aircraft and then request boarding via the GSX menu.
  11. It wasn't the Fenix, it was the FBW. Fenix worked fine.
  12. Good morning all! I've just uploaded my pre-release review video thingy about GSX. I say "review video thingy" cos it's a bit of a mish mash to be honest - part introduction to what GSX is, part 'how to' video, and part review. Anyway, it's 40 minutes of (I hope) useful insight into the product. Let me know what you think. 🙂 Cheers, Alexis
  13. As you say, the sound issues was covered in his answer to my general question about updates for the Twotter.
  14. Evening all, I don't usually post about my streams, but I'm doing something a bit different this evening that I think you might be interested in. At 19:00z, I'll be joined live on YouTube by Mathijs Kok. We'll be discussing Aerosoft's upcoming North Sea Project add-on and you'll also have the opportunity to ask him about all things Aerosoft in the chat. Pop by if you fancy it. 🙂 Cheers, Alexis
  15. Hello all! I've released a little update video, looking at which of the things I criticised about Heathrow V1 have been improved in V2. Take a look, if you like 🙂
  16. Hi all, Some of you may have watched my live lesson tutorial on the PMDG 737 with a real world pilot. Some of you (like me) may also have forgotten half of it within minutes of finishing your first flight! Panic not, for I have produced a document to help. It includes every flow we went through in the tutorial with the checklists incorporated at the right times, in a format that I hope is easy to refer to as you fly. You can download it from my new website here: FilbertFlies - PMDG 737 Flows Cheers, Alexis
  17. Yes, I do. It's rare, but if the sun's at the right angle, it can really mess up your views.
  18. The only help I can offer is to forget about the threads and spend the next 2.5 hours flying along with this! 😉
  19. Hello all! Following on from my popular CJ4 and CRJ 'live lessons', I'm pleased to present a full flight, 'live lesson' tutorial on the PMDG 737 in MSFS. Learn how to fly the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS along with me in this lesson with a real world 737 pilot, following Ryanair SOPs! We take you through everything you need to know to fly almost any flight realistically, from setting the aircraft up from cold and dark to shutting it down at the other end. This tutorial has something for everyone - it's simple enough for beginner flight simmers and detailed enough that even the most seasoned PMDG user and avsim.com forumite will learn something new. 🙂 If you'd like to fly along as you watch, see the video description for the flight plan, links to the sceneries we used, and a Ryanair checklist. There are also bookmarks to allow you to jump to a particular section, although I do recommend you watch the whole thing before jumping about so as not to miss anything. Hope you find it interesting and useful. Cheers, Filbert PRE-DEPARTURE 00:00:00 - Introducing Seb & Ryanair procedures 00:03:20 - Establishing electrical power & initial safety flows 00:09:03 - Rainbow check 00:12:35 - Light & oxygen tests 00:14:15 - Fuel & payload setup 00:16:29 - FMC setup & performance calculations 00:35:10 - Trim & MCP speed setup 00:36:35 - Final flow - overhead panel 00:44:10 - Final flow - MCP, EFIS, radios, SID, FMC check 00:51:15 - Final flow - autobrakes, MFDs, throttle quadrant, config check, aft panel 00:55:09 - Safety Inspection & Before Start checklists, pre-pushback flow PUSHBACK, ENGINE START & TAXI OUT 00:59:00 - Pushback 01:00:06 - Engine start 01:08:44 - Taxi out 01:11:00 - Before takeoff review, checklist & briefing 01:12:52 - Line up, before takeoff checklist & flow below the line TAKEOFF, CLIMB & CRUISE 01:15:23 - Takeoff discussion 01:17:38 - Takeoff 01:20:55 - Initial climb, ALT INTV usage, altitude capture bug 01:23:18 - Transition altitude, climb flows, use of V/S in climb 01:28:20 - LVL CHG & V/S risks, IAS to Mach changeover 01:30:14 - Vertical modes and their uses - VNAV, LVL CHG, V/S 01:35:27 - Additional 10,000ft actions DESCENT, APPROACH, LANDING, TAXI IN & SHUTDOWN 01:40:53 - Descent planning 01:48:08 - Starting a descent early with ALT INTV 01:49:11 - FMC setup 01:54:54 - Approach preparation 02:02:23 - Descent checklist & VNAV descent path 02:04:08 - Direct To on descent, effect on VNAV 02:09:46 - Descent below transition level, 10,000ft (FLAPS) checks 02:12:30 - FRISC checks 02:14:34 - Approach checks 02:15:32 - Approach 02:20:38 - Landing checks & landing 02:23:40 - After landing flow, checks & taxi in 02:28:23 - Approach speed discussion 02:31:00 - Shutdown
  20. Hello all! My review of Flightbeam's Wellington is now up: Cheers, Filbert
  21. Here you go! Sadly I was away when this was released, but better late than never eh? 😉
  22. Hi all, I've just published my review of Macco Simulations' Cancun if you'd care to take a look! Brussels will be next, possibly soon, more likely the week after next. 🙂 Cheers, Alexis
  23. Just FYI, I was told mid-stream that there is a more recent version of the airport than the one I had. Also keep in mind that there is currently a minor issue with the VDGS not showing a line. It's not happening for most beta testers, and they're working on a fix. In fact, there sent me an updated VDGS module during the stream as well, which I couldn't install without restarting the sim. Remember this is a pre-release build of a work in progress. I'll do a full review of the final version which is due to be released on 20th April. This will not be until I'm back from holiday though - some time after 25th.
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