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  1. MadBoxx

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4

    yes it was there when I started to start messing around with the settings but how could that still be the problem if I already have Dinstalled them both only have p3d install now ???
  2. MadBoxx

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4

    Yes I did many times and this is my second fresh install everything was running fine until that flight traffic kicked in I should have never installed it
  3. MadBoxx

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4

    No No fsx and no it never pops up But I will try again and wait longer this time is there a fix or what is hanging ?
  4. MadBoxx

    Stuck at desktop p3dv4
  5. MadBoxx

    Returning Pilot need advice

    NO the Q400 looks very nice I like it very much just to be clear are we talking about this one
  6. MadBoxx

    Help with gamepad /// View

    No this is happening on its own
  7. Ok guys I got my game pad working but on the view witch is the number 6 if I let go the view snaps back to original place is there a way to stop that? Many thanks
  8. MadBoxx

    Returning Pilot need advice

    Yes I was looking at that one I did like it many thanks
  9. MadBoxx

    P3Dv4 Aircraft?

    Great info many thanks
  10. MadBoxx

    P3Dv4 Aircraft?

    Thank you
  11. MadBoxx

    Returning Pilot need advice

    sorry what did I do wrong ? the green color ? I don't have a clue why I did that sorry
  12. Good day It has been a long time BUT here I am again Just installed p3d v4 and want some advice on witch aircraft to get that will work with the p3dV4 I am more into eye candy so not as big as the 747 something small medium / nice and I will enjoy the flight the QW 146 is a perfect size for me But it is not p3dv4 ready any help Have my joy stick ready to fly 😊