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  1. 😔 yeah, I realise that. The £400 was to get something useable that I can upgrade further as funds allow...
  2. @Greazer - this is the BEST thing! I dunno why in all my searches this hasn't popped up. I think this should help me A LOT! Thank you!
  3. Hey, maybe its age, but I'm really struggling with deciding on a spec for a dedicated PC for my XP11. I currently run it on my Macbook pro, but really want to start setting up a dedicated station (16gb+ ram, gaming graphics etc.) so that I can run with as much graphic realism as practical in the budget - I just dont know where to start. I have built PC's in the past, so am open to that, there just seems a massive array of choice nowadays. I've looked at off the shelf and ideally (as I'm retired) want to spend as little as possible (around £400 max). I have monitors, keyboards etc. so am only looking at the PC hardware itself - OS wise I'll probably transfer my OSX licence to a Linux install instead so a no OS build is fine. Can anyone drop me some links to either self build specs or straight unit purchases which will also be upgradeable in the future for graphics etc. Used is fine so long as I can upgrade parts if needed. TIA Daz
  4. Yeah, it is the default - so it is as I thought about replicated sides 😔 bummer! You are right, the label you can add looks hideous! Lol. Carenado Mooney beckons methinks.... 😍
  5. Hi, I really enjoy flying the stock Mooney Bravo so I decided to paint a version in my own colours. It has been a significant learning curve as I’ve never done it before and far from an expert in Gimp, however, I now have something half decent which will keep me happy for a few days... lol BUT, unless I’m missing something, the Mooney Bravo is only ‘half’ modelled and then the sides are replicated to match, which is fine as I have worked out which bits go where for my colours (with a LOT of trial and error). Unless I’m missing something. So, my key question is: I have added my registration to the lower rear fuselage in a nicer format than the fsx default BUT obviously with the mirroring of the parts, the registration runs backwards on the opposite side. Is there any way to overcome this? My only tools are Gimp and DXTBmp... Cheers Daz
  6. Cool. I’ll take a look. I haven’t given up on it yet - it runs great on my i3 laptop and I love flying on it, it’ll be interesting to see the difference with FSX. I’ll probably run them both as I experiment going forwards 😀
  7. 😂 I’m sure I’ll get there eventually... 10 years or so... as I just got a copy of FSX for £5...✌️
  8. Thanks for this. I am getting stuck into it. It’s great fun! I carried on my search on fsdeveloper and through a link there I think I have found the answer using Autogen annotator - I will give it a go! Yeah, I have been making changes one at a time - and indeed had a few false starts, but seems ok - so far... Although I am tempted to get FSX as well now, there are some low costs available on eBay... 😀
  9. Hey, ive trawled through literally hundreds of threads to try and find a definitive guide to this. Q. Can I add Autogen (buildings, trees etc) to photorealistic scenes for fs9? I believe the answer is yes, but I have no idea how to start. I have some photo scenery I got from eBay, and I can create my own using FSET but how to I get Autogen on it so it isn’t ‘flat’ everywhere? Ideally I would like to place stuff too so it becomes more real at low levels. i have sbuilder and whilst I can do the island tutorial that comes with it, I can’t work out in my head how to do this with photos. I think the answer may be to use sbuilderx and import for fs9 but I don’t want to go down another blind alley. i guess this is the problem coming new into something that’s 15 years old now... 😔 Any help much appreciated!
  10. Thanks, I’m still experimenting with weather so all suggestions welcome. I’ve also seen people rave about your Evo textures so I may have to consider those at some point too... for an old platform this can still work out costly! 😂
  11. Hey, don’t apologise! I’ll take all the advice and tips going. I have ordered a couple of vfr disks from eBay so it’ll be good to see what they look like. I’ve also started to use some FSET tiles to cover South Yorkshire, which is great for high altitude but I now am looking how I can ‘model’ that a bit better with some trees, buildings etc. I’m sure these libraries still exist somewhere I just gotta find em! I downloaded FSRealWX - but I haven’t really used it in anger yet... 🙂
  12. Mate, I have spent most of today trying to figure out why I keep getting grey rectangles! THANK YOU! I have looked high and low for the answer and came across this by chance! I might have to write a definitive ‘how to’ to save the next keen scenery builder some time...! YOU however are a star!
  13. That was really helpful. Thanks👍 I’m definitely flying at lower altitudes atm so that is something to bear in mind, although I’m erring more towards the photo realistic because I want to be able to fly vfr locally and the Earth Tiles solution should let me do that myself once I get my head around it. Budget, obviously is also a factor. As I’m retired I have to meme my hobby pennies count so I don’t want to spend somewhere wher it could be used better elsewhere! All that said, the basic enjoyment I get from fs9 each day as I learn more is great!
  14. Sorry, me again! I’m having great fun getting to grips with FS9 now and it totally fits the job for me atm. I’ve updated my airports and some textures etc already from suggestions here and I have my first VFR disk of Scotland and the Orkneys etc arriving tomorrow courtesy of eBay. V. Excited!! So, my question: I’m deliberating spending money on ultimate terrain, which I think I would still be able to use if I upgraded my sim and pc later. But is there a better option? FS Earth Tiles looks interesting from what I’ve seen on YouTube etc. but I’m worried about the security issues and legalities of using such a thing. The .ini file setup scares the pants off me! Although it seems it would suit my needs as I progress further afield than Europe. Assuming it still works nowadays of course!! Any advice dear new friends?
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