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  1. deadlyshark

    Wrong Airplane Type

    ahhh ok got it thank you for your fast reply and another question is it normal that the plane when they are about to take off? the Ai planes just accelerate and then do not go airborne it just disappears..
  2. Hello first of all thank you for this program it is really nice and good job really enjoying it. I just cannot figure out why some times the wrong Aircraft type is parked in all the airports. Usually I always have one or 2 airliners with the wrong aircraft type parked at my airport. I do not know if someone has talked about this before and if yes sorry for making another post.
  3. After installing it the AI airplanes were not in their right spots?? Parking was off. Planes were in the Terminal
  4. Hello everyone, does anybody have the AFCAD for this airport? Thank you