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  1. Thanks so much guys i will get a separate SSD for windows
  2. Hi i currently have a 1.5TB hdd hardrive with windows and P3D installed in it. I was looking to get a 1TB samsung SSD. Im looking to use the SSD for P3D V4 only. Do i need to isntall windows on the SSD aswell or can i just install P3D on the SSD by it self and leave windows in the HDD? Any steps and tips or suggestions would be appriciated 🙂 Thanks
  3. aluftansapilot

    Red tint on night nextures

    sorry apologese so do you or does anyone know the best settings for Urban aeras at night nighting?
  4. aluftansapilot

    Red tint on night nextures

    oh ok thanks very much 🙂
  5. Hello, hoping everyone is having a good day, Im loving PTA so far and it is really a great creation. However just as i was flying over greece the textures has a red tint. I saw the (Urban areas lighting at night) setting in PTA. But i do not how it works (Im using Matt Davies preset) so do i turn it off or what is an ajustment or setting that would make the red tint go away. If soemone could help me that would be very nice thank you Pablo. (non-hdr lighting user)