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  1. Thanks for the replys guys! Yes, I have cleared my shaders folder, but the problem still returned after that. As for the system overload theory: I had similar problems before that were caused by my settings. However, with those problems, pausing the sim and giving it time to load always fixed the problem. After that, I turned down my settings and the problem was fixed. The big issue with this problem is that the sim won't load anything anymore and just gets stuck loading, leaving me with closing down the sim through the taskmanager as the only possible option. What also bothers me is that this problem only seems to occur at EHAM, and not at other heavy airports such as EGLL or EDDF. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Guys, I have a really annoying problem that seems to be occurring randomly in my sim. Sometimes, when I take off from EHAM, my textures stop loading after a minute or so. Everything starts out fine, but then, after a minute, the autogen that is loading close to my aircraft becomes black. The shadows on my aircraft also stop loading and the terrain gradually becomes more blurry. Whenever I pause the sim to give it time to catch up, nothing happens, no extra textures/terrain/autogen are being loaded. When I hit the hotkey to pause the sim and refresh the scenery, the bar starts loading at a very regular pace (about 1 percent per second; this never happens, when it loads normally, it always stops for several seconds, then makes 5% jumps, etc.) and stops loading somewhere between 9 and 32 percent. It never moves after that and P3D has to be shut down with the Task Manager. First of all, this problem only occurs at EHAM. You should know that I use FlyTampa EHAM with ORBX openLC Europe and Vector. I have tried disabling these addons, but the problem can still occur, even then. Secondly, this problem seems to occur more often in heavy weather (i.e. rain, heavy clouds, dawn/dusk). Thirdly, this problem seems to occur specifically with heavy metal aircraft (PMDG 737/777, Aerosoft Airbus). it also only happens at take-offs, never at landings. However, and this is the strange part, these conditions only increase the chance of this problem occurring. It is still completely random, and only seems to occur only about 40% of the time. To give you guys an example: when I was running tests in order to indentify the source of this problem, I ran tests in extreme weather conditions with Active Sky and constantly ran the same weather and the same sim time (03-03-2019 17:54 local time with historical weather set to sim time). The problem occurred all the time when I ran tests during the afternoon, but when I came back in the evening and ran tests in the exact same conditions, I was unable to reproduce the issue. I have monitored my VAS usage and VRAM usage, but these are both fine and don't come anywhere near the limts of my system. I ran the following add-ons during the test: PMDG 737 or PMDG 777 FlyTampa EHAM ORBX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe and Trees A combination of Active Sky/ASCA/REX Skyforce/Envtex AivlaSoft EFB (in the background) SimStarterNG (to launch everything) My System Specs are as follows: Intel i5-7600K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Corsair Dominator 2x8GB RAM (3000Mhz) I run P3Dv4.4 at medium settings. Keep in mind that I don't have this problem anywhere else in my sim, not even at EGLL in a heavy thunderstorm with the 737NGX. This insecurity of this issue is really driving me crazy, since I can't seem to locate the problem. I really hope you guys can help or have some suggestions! Thanks in advance guys! Sven
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks for your advice! I taken it to heart and have upgraded to 16 GB of RAM (DDR4, 3000MHz). I have furthermore switched to using my phone for playing music. Howerver, the problem still continues to appear... This problem is really driving me crazy... Do you (or anybody else) have any idea what might be going on here?
  4. I have just carried out some more testing, and completely disabled my AI-traffic. The same issue happened, so at least we can be sure that the traffic is not the issue. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what might cause this problem?
  5. Hi all, Sorry for my long absence, I have been caught up in work lately. I have recently done some testing, and the issue only seems to occur on this specific flight, at this specific time (EHAM-EGPH, departure: 10:00). At this time, there is a LOT of traffic around EHAM, so I was wondering if this might be the issue. Could it be possible, that my RAM can't handle this amount of AI traffic and that this is what causes the issue? I hope you guys can advise me here... Thanks, Sven
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I have never heard of “Add On SimstarterNG”, could you explain? 1: I will try the sound fix tomorrow, and see if this solves the sound part. 2: Have tried limiting my FPS (however, not to 24, as that gives me a HUGE FPS hit), and the issue was still there. This is not a case of delayed texture/autogen loading, I’m afraid... I sometimes have that, but the refresh scenery command always fixes this. With this issue however, when I use “refresh scenery”, the bar loads up to anywhere between 25-32% (loading terrain) and then gets stuck. There is no way to make it go on and the only fix is closing P3D with the task manager. If I save the flight before closing and then load it up again after restarting P3D, it works fine.
  7. Hi all, I've been struggling with a very annoying problem lately in P3dv4.3. Sometimes (not all of the time), when I switch tasks, (i.e. select a song on Itunes), a strange problem occurs: first of all, the sound of the aircraft engines becomes a lot softer. I can still hear other cabin sounds, but the engine sounds are somehow turned down. Secondly, my terrain textures just stop loading, with results comparable to the last 3 pictures of this post: In combination with this, the textures of any add-on airports don't load anymore, I can only see their shape in black forms (and also black runways), but there are no textures. This problems happens to me on quite a lot of flights, however, on some flights there is no problem whatsoever. The issue seems to be triggered by task switch, but quite randomly. I can select songs 6 different times without any problems and the seventh time it can cause this issue (these numbers are just examples). The flight I have been doing to test this is EHAM-EGPH. I use the following add-ons: FlyTampa EHAM Orbx Global, LC Europe, Vector, Trees Orbx England and Scotland UK2000 EGPH PMDG 737NGX Chaseplane PrecipitFX ActiveSky+ASCA Envtex+Envshade Just Flight Traffic Global The programs I have running during this flight are: P3D Chaseplane VFX Central Air Hauler 2 Aivlasoft EFB server+client Itunes Windows performance monitor My system specs are: Intel i5-7600K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Corsair Dominator 1x8GB RAM This issue is really driving me crazy and I can't seem to find either the problem or the fix, please help! Kind Regards, Sven
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