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  1. Oh wow, thanks! Thank you so much! I feel like Boeing should have some direct to for short hops, but then there is probably a good reason for it to not be a thing I guess.. Anyways thank you so much!
  2. I hit LNAV and no light or anything comes on? I tried it before and after I had rout setup, nothing. I have to be doing something wrong.. I even tried VNAV, I also tried it when AP was on and working, and still nothing. And also sorry its the 777FX. I was thinking of the 300ERX. EDIT: Oh, now it works... Well thanks for your help sir! ~Ag (Will) W. Si
  3. Hey I did a LOT of research trying to figure this stuff out, started with the manual and I can't find much for a "direct to". I watched an FMC tutorial on how to setup routs and what not and I used the planner thing, datalinked with the 777 with the pro flight x thing, and I got my rout, but I can't figure out how to have AP follow it... Its setup, but ap don't follow the rout. 😕 (From KEDW to KADW) and all the legs show up. So could somebody please (In a simple manner, (cuz i aint smart)) tell/show me exactly what to do on how to make a direct to flight from one airport to another, the minimum stuff to make ap fly the rout DIRECTLY to an airport. Thanks! Also, anybody know of how I can install aux fuel tank on 777-300F like with configs or sometrhing, I know its not realistic and not an option, but hey. ~ Ag (Will) W. Si
  4. Oh, alright! thanks! I am so amazed at how much PMDG does with Boeing to make these aircraft as realistic as possible! I probably should have decided to check the engine display, and I just did now and I even see fuel flow change as I turn off bleed air on 2 or 1 on the 777-200lr. Amazing! ~Ag (Will) W. Si
  5. Hello, just some questions on what affect fuel consumption with engines and apu: On which planes these apply too, if any or if all: Does anti ice create more of a load and require more fuel? Does electrical load, such as turning on more lights ect create more of a load and require more fuel? Do hydraulic pumps (engine driven) create more of a load and require to burn more fuel? Just wondering. ~Ag (Will) W. Si
  6. I know its not realistic, but how can I force install the aux fuel tanks in the 300FX for the PMDG 777? I tried doing it through the config options, but nothing works. Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I am new. ~Ag.
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