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  1. HabuPilot

    Recomendations to improve default 737

    Thank you Paul, I will check it.
  2. Hi I would like to improve the vanilla 737, in particular the vc. I've found Alejandro Rojas Lucena's modification but I would like to know if there is another one. Other point is the fmc: I've seen a lot people using vasFMC with this plane. But if I remember correctly, its an addon based in the Airbus CDU, isn't it? I know it has a "boeing skin" but does it simulate the same pages as Boeing FMC or only the ones of airbus CDU? Regards PS: I know there are several impressive payware 737, but, right now, I have to stay with the default one. Thanks.
  3. No prob at all. Of course, thank you for your time. Regards
  4. Great! I finally found it. It was in the sourceforge repository of vasFMC: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vasfmc/files/ inside 3rd party addons file. Well, let me ask you again : Please could it be posible using it inside LNM? Regards
  5. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I find this in the library: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=AIRAC+0608&CatID=root&Go=Search They are the last freeware AIRAC from navdata for several famous addons of that year PMDG, ATR72, LD 767 and FS Navigator or FS Build. They are from year 2006 so I suppose they match quite well with FSX data. Please, It could be posible make one of them compatibles with LNM? I haven't tested any of them on LNM, I'm afraid of breaking something. I've discoverd too vasFMC offered in the past a free AIRAC 0609 from Navigraph, but I haven't found a link yet. The original disappeared when they closed their support forum . The page is viewable in archive.org but the link doesn't work. I'll ask help in the forum, maybe someone still has it. Regards
  6. Yesterday, I was able to enjoy a complete flight using LNM. It was very useful to check the assigned approach (by ATC) and the altitudes. So, again, thank you for your work. The question about using an old AIRAC was to load into the program the sid and stars of that cycle. In this way the final point of the star will be the initial point of the default approach and so I avoid to have make adjustment between the two cycles data. I know this option (keep using the default procedures) seems weird, but right now I want to continue using the default ATC. But after spent several hours searching for a free AIRAC of that year, it seems imposible. Even with vasFMC its mandatory to use a Navigraph suscription. Regards.
  7. HabuPilot

    Default FSX approach charts?

    Yes, you are right. But if I have the old charts I will create my plan more faster Anyway, in flightplaning websites like routerFinder or Simbrief there is an option to choose very old cycles (maybe 2006?) but sadly they don't include the SID/STARS. But the main problem is the approaches. A lot of them have changed or even don't exist anymore. If you try follow the new ones the ATC becomes crazy and best solution is cancel the IFR plan. And if you have to flight a miss aproach, you can see its pattern in the GPS but you can not check the altitude restrictions. I know this is a mess and the best solution is the combo of Navigraph+FSAerodata (or fly online) But as I told before, in this moment I should not spend more money in FS addons. And it's very frustrating to have an AIRAC in the FSX and don't be able to enjoy it correctly. Regards
  8. HabuPilot

    Default FSX approach charts?

    Today I've discovered another way to check visually the default approaches: using Little NavMap, an impresive flight planning tool (and other interesting features). Other method is using the waymachine of archive.org to visit old versions of agencies websites which offrered public charts in those years. In this way I've been able to recover some charts of LEMD from the old version of AENA website (Spanish agency). Regards
  9. Ok it is understandable. Anyway, thank you for work!
  10. Sorry, as I've started to read the manual this morning, I had not seen that section when wrote the post The problem of using FSaerodata and Navigraph is my budget, right now is very limited. Anyway, because this situation I've realized the default ATC is not so bad (for offline flying) as a lot people criticize. Another question related with non updated data: is thre any way to use an old AIRAC more compatible with FSX vanilla? To show the SID and STARS of the same cycle. BTW do you know which airac cycle is using FSX? It will help me to search the correct charts. Thank you
  11. Another question: Could it be possible add FS2004 support to Little Navmap? I know it is a very old version, but from persons with little economical resources or from retro-persevation software perspective it would be awesome. Regards
  12. Hi I've just discovered this awesome tool. It really really impresive. I want to ask you if the approaches are taken from the database of FSX or from other sources more updated. The reason is as I only use default ATC and it is complicated to find the charts from the same year of its AIRAC, it would be very helpful If I can check the approaches in this tool before select them in the default GPS. Thank you
  13. HabuPilot

    Default FSX approach charts?

    First at all, thank you for your responses. As my english is terrible I maybe didnt explain myself correctly. These links are for updated charts. They are not suitable for use with the default ATC because its data is older. FSX was published in 2006 and the oldest charts at Eurocontrol are from 2011/17. Im looking for non updated charts, compatibles with de FSX default ATC. When the ATC asks me to choose an approach of a default airport I want to be able to check these approaches. The main problem is I dont know the date of the FSX AIRAC. And the second one is I dont find any web which offers old charts. I've discovered a posible workaround, the program Plan G shows the approaches of each airport based in the FS data, but not in a very user-friendly way. For example, the only way to check the altitudes restrictions of each approach is adding it into your flight plan. You are not able check it before or compare it with other one before add it into your plan. So, as this solution is not perfect, I will be very grateful if someone can point me a place where I can find older approach charts. Thanks
  14. Hi! I'm looking for the charts of the FSX and FS9 default approachs. I'm not interested in the last AIRAC because my budget is very tight and I'm not able to purchase an ATC addon+Navigraph (or similar) subscription. BTW, I'm not interested in online flying. Right now I would prefer to stay with the default ATC and its oldies approach procedures. As far I know there is only two options: -http://www.fscharts.com/ Their charts are from year 2003, so I suppose they are suitables only for fs2004, isn't? -Simplates, but its payware ($40) and as I told before, I can not afford it right now. There is another one: simcharts from jeppsen, but they are sold out. In the past I saw some of them in ebay, but at very prohibited price. And sometimes they are sold as Simcharts for FS2004, but actually they are for FS2002. So, someone could give a clue about where to find those charts?. Or at least, their published date. As the airports which I'm looking for are mainly in EU, maybe I can be able to find them in their respective national aviation organization. Thanks