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  1. I opened a ticket but the advice given did not work. I reinstalled Xplane and tried to install my RXP750 and was given an error telling me my password is wrong. I thought that was weird so I logged into to RXP F1 without an issue and installed my 650 without an issue. I tried to change the password and it gives me the exact same error message. There is something wrong it seems with my 750 account. Can something be done about this? I am trying to do some flights today on a plane with a 750 😞
  2. By popular demand B58 Carenado + REP! I am still working on a real panel. I have the OBJ already built.
  3. If I knew how I would love to take my GTN OBJ and overlay it or replace the 530's. Ultimately I'd love to add my 750 OBJ and 650 OBJ. If anyone can explain or point me in a direction on how to add the OBJ we will have it!
  4. Here is my settings for the FlyJSim Dash-8. I haven't tested it yet I just got the panel to work. Ill find tune and update but so far, we finally have a GPS for the Dash-8!
  5. I have a blender file I converted to an OBJ of the GTN750 how can I attach it?
  6. The way Xplane handles their panel is stupid. I love XP and am a huge word not allowed but this is a weak spot. They should really consider modularizing their panels. As it stands right now this is going to be a big project and will probably take me a few months. I am going to work on it when I can and in the process, I am trying to find a better way to integrate.
  7. Certain developers should be careful as well though, they aren't exactly selling what the description says nor providing support. Buying a license is fine but when you purchase a software license support is an assumed part of cost. Not telling people, sorry we have other priorities thanks for the 50 bucks.
  8. Its Ok Im already in Planemaker getting things going. Crash course so to speak!
  9. Excellent! New project! Appreciate all the help everyone.
  10. I know software can be resold as long as their is a physical license attached to it. Ill look into it some more. The payware market is really bad. I just wish that Laminar and marketplaces would hold the vendors more accountable. Most of these planes are literally vaporware.
  11. Im getting rid of all my planes and just keeping "study" level planes. There must be someone out there that can make this happen! Is there any instructions on where to start? I have made assets for other games (Cities Skylines) so I know blender and XML, etc.
  12. I bought a bunch of Carenado planes and while I'm sure they are great for 90% of the market, I am underwhelmed. Is it possible for me to sell my licenses to another member?
  13. Please erase! Duplicated thread on accident.
  14. Fixed mine. Issue with Garmin Trainer.
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