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    I just retired after 40 years under a welding hood, and I am now hoping for a little RVing time with my wife and just doing what we want for a while! Love to build things..

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  1. AKflightsimmer

    Disabling scenery

    Really good information Jan!, I always look for your replies when I am searching for information on a particular issue that I may be having in xplane11. Just today, or should I say last nigth, (I have been up all night teaching myself how to fix my own created problems,LOL.) I downloaded the xOrganizer program from the org, thinking that it would be my answer to all scenery order problems the easy way, ( and it is a pretty cool program) but after getting it all installed and playing with it and my custom scenery file order over and over again, I eventually had things so screwed up that when I went into my favorite Mackmell Fisheries' flying area, and the Squamish BC. area, I was sitting in my bell 407 in the middle of the forest with no airstrip or helipad to be found anywhere!. Boy it took quite a bit of time to figure out what I had done wrong, but I eventually figured it out (manually, lots of ctl+c, and delete+, and ctl+v) after hours of trying different scenery layering orders in the scenery files. (You know, when you inadvertantly place a mesh over something else), I ended up deleting scenery that I had installed and re installed. Ha Ha Now I am starting to really understand just how this scenery layering system can affect what things look like in the sim when you go to fly around somewhere. It never set in just reading about it in forum posts, until I actually spent the hours doing it for real today! Fortunately I had made a backup copy of the original custom scenery .ini file and saved it, before doing any changes of any kind! And now I was thinking that after getting all of that resolved, wheww,,,,that I could speed up the sim load time by disabling some scenery and I ended up here. So after your explanation Im not going to waste the time disabling what few added sceneries' that I have installed. With my i7 cpu and 1080 gpu I am not having problems with fps, but hoped to be able to have the actual sim start and load a little faster, but maybe it just is what it is, and will always take around 1 minute or longer to start each time. I just go get another cup of coffee or whatever when I push the start button LOL. Anyway this topic has been helpful for me after my all night vigil. Probably have to take a nap later today. 😫This xplane thing is taking over my life!! I cant get enough. Now my wife is starting to talk to me like a pilot. Ha Think Im going to have to get some actual seat time in a helicopter this next summer when the weather gets better around here.......... will this ever end. NO!!😁
  2. AKflightsimmer

    CYBD to Machmell fisheries camp

    Beautiful screen shots,! can't wait for the Christmas holidays to be over so I can get back home & back to that new desktop, and back up to machmell fisheries in my aerofox again! https://www.vskylabs.com/2016/12/aeropro-eurofox.html I absolutely love the scenery from Propstrike studios. I have been having X-plane withdrawels for over a week😨😵 Hi JT, no luck with the c130 yet, but in all honesty I got into propstrike scenery a few wks ago and was having so much fun I didn't get back to to the C-130 yet, but after xmas I'll eventually try to get the cockpit working again, thanks for the inquiry.
  3. AKflightsimmer

    CYBD to Machmell fisheries camp

    Beautiful screen shots,! can't wait for the Christmas holidays to be over so I can get back home & back to that new desktop, and back up to machmell fisheries in my aerofox again! https://www.vskylabs.com/2016/12/aeropro-eurofox.html I absolutely love the scenery from Propstrike studios. I have been having X-plane withdrawels for over a week😨😵
  4. Thanks for the quick reply JT! Im still sitting on the runway just listening to this monster of an airplane and checking out the panels and the cockpit controls. Wow, lots to learn on this big airplane.LOL I will defiantly check out your links. Thanks Again!!
  5. Hello JT, thanks for the information. I have just started up the C-17 in X-plane 11 and it seems everything is ok so far. I can cycle between all outside views and back into the 3D cockpit without any trouble. I just setup my quick view keys on the keyboard so Im just about ready to have a go out of KSEA Seattle and fly around Mt Rainier pretty soon. Just familiarizing myself with the cockpit. LOL Is there any way I could talk you into explaining just how you got the 3D cockpit to work in the stock C-130. I cant see to put the files into the correct directories or something. Ive moved them around per the instructions that came with the 3D cockpit but I am just missing something somewhere. Bummer,☹️ cause I really wanted to use the C-130. Thanks Again
  6. Yep, I moved up a little bigger LOL I bought the Virtavia_C17GlobemasterIII , I'll give here a try tomorrow when the sun comes up.....
  7. Rodger That Paraffin, I think I will go in and clean up my x-plane install then. I appreciate your input. I will go ahead and purchase a C-130 from the org store. There are a couple available. I wish I had the knowledge to go in and do the coding and such to make it work, but a guy cant know how to do everything. I will leave the programing to the programmers and coders, and I will just have to purchase their airplanes. That Ok, we all have skills in different fields. thanks again. I'm going on over to the . org store and see what I can buy, LOL 😉
  8. OK, I have looked everywhere but cant find any answers to this so here goes. Im hoping that someone with a lot more experience in X-plane that myself can help me with the stock C130 airplane that comes in x-plane 11. . When I choose it in x plane 11 to fly, it looks great from the outside sitting on the tarmac, but once I go into the cockpit it initially has what appears to be a 2d cockpit. But when I view outside the plane again, and then go back inside, the 2d cockpit is no longer there. This has happened multiple times. I have nothing,. I can see right to the ground. I found a 3d cockpit to download and install but no matter what I do,( I followed the directions for install,) with the files I cant get a usable cockpit inside the C130. Has anyone else had this problem. and if so, how did you fix it so that you could actually fly the C130 from inside the airplane. I can fly the plane from a trailing view and cycle the map view to see my speed, but this is kind of a stupid way to fly. Does anyone know is this problem fixable or should I just delete the plane, and buy a C130 online from somewhere else that has everything ready to fly. Why would x plane have installed one already in the program if it won't operate properly. What a pain. This has to be fixable, I just cant seem to figure it out. Any help from you guys would sure be appreciated. Thanks
  9. AKflightsimmer

    settings menu

    Oh My,!! what a wonderful tip 188, I didn't know about the ctrl key plus scroll wheel on my mouse either! This is really nice now. I was having a little trouble seeing text on my new 27" HP 1440p monitor set for full screen also. Now it is much easier to adjust the text. Thanks for the great tip. These old eyes aren't what they used to be don't ya know.
  10. AKflightsimmer

    The Signature photo, a question.

    Thank you very much for the quick reply, Jim! I will go through all of these steps later today and get it figured out with your help.😊 I've been flying around Kodiak Is. Alaska all morning and can't shut it off, if you know what I mean. Touch and go, and more touch and go's,,,,,,,, LOL Thanks
  11. Thanks Janov for your help and kind reply, I have ordered x-plane 11 so am just enjoying 10 right now, but will probably move on to 11 once it arrives. Thanks for your suggestions. I am sure trying to learn all of this and do it correctly. It just takes a little time dont you know. 😊
  12. Really Nice!, Right in my backyard😁
  13. AKflightsimmer

    Evening at Valdez airport

    Great Pictures, I've been flying a lot out of Valdez lately in my DHC-2 Beaver, but haven't figured out the posting of pictures yet, hopefully shortly I will be able to upload some for people to enjoy too. I love the early morning flights from Valdez.!
  14. New here and I am trying to get the jist of how to post a small photo in my signature. Searched everywhere on here but cant find a direct answer, lots of info about posting regular pictures for people to view, but nothing that I can find about a small picture in the signature.I've read the rules, and see that a direct upload of a small reduced size .jpg picture is not allowed anymore like I have done over the years for adding to a signature, and that pictures must be hosted somewhere else online with a direct link to them for posting, ok I can figure all that out, No problem. My question though has to do with the size limitation that is in the signature rules. It says no picture bigger than 500 x 125 pixels ( not really sure just how visually big that is) to be allowed. Does that mean I need to reduce a picture down to that size before i upload it to a sharing site like google photos of some other, or can a regular size uploaded and saved picture be accessed through the url link and somehow added into your signature without resizing it 😕. If the photos are hosted else where on line, I don't understand how the size of the photo would matter then, since it isn't stored here on an avsim server. I do understand that avsim doesn't want giant photos linked too, just because of the slow speed of downloading for people that would like to view them, totally understandable. Just need a little help in getting a small picture to sit in your signature, Sorry just a little bit confused about all this. Thanks
  15. Good morning Everyone, I just wanted to pause the flight sim on my new gaming pc for a few minutes 😀🤩😄👍jump on the laptop, and let everyone know I was able to finally fix this problem today. Oh man I can’t thank everyone enough for all the input as to just what might have caused my lack of joystick control for my DHC-2 Beaver that I wanted to fly so badly. I have been exhaustively researching any and everything I could think of. I was told to try and download some C++ redistributable packages from Microsoft to possible fix this issue. So I did that a few days ago, but it didn’t help so I kept looking for other options. Then I finally did what Longranger suggested and looked in the log file today. I didn’t even know where to find that before, but found instructions online and went into the original X-plane 10 folder and low and behold there was a log.text file that I opened and read through. I finally came to where I had loaded up the Beaver to fly and there WAS AN ERROR MESSAGE stating, Error Code 126 : The specified module could not be found. So I jumped back on the laptop and searched what that meant, and stumbled onto instructions that said if this happened check out your C++ redistributables again. So I went back in the New windows 10 PC and looked in settings/Apps and scrolled down to where it listed all the C++ redistributables that I had, and I had a bunch, but no 2010.x64bit package installed. So I went to Microsoft again and downloaded that particular package, installed it, and opened X-plane 10 again,,,,, and with fingers crossed, loaded the Beaver into the Airport @ Valdez Alaska. Everything started up fine and WaaaLaaa,,,,,, everything is working AGAIN!! Oh man, I am so happy. I flew around and then shut down, and restarted everything up again just to make sure it all worked again and it did. So I guess in a long winded way I just want to let everyone know how important those redistributables are. I’m no computer programmer or coder, 40 years under a Welding Hood doesn't make you one of those lol, but I am really beginning to understand just how important all of this coding really is, as my son who is a coder and programmer has said, so that we can all sit in front of our nice big 27" flat screens and act like pilots in the comfort of our own homes! LOL,, Thanks to all of you for helping me think of so many different things that this could have been. We never quit learning do We! The old Guy flyin in the Woods