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  1. Ok. I've sorted this out. Here's where I went wrong. I TRUSTED THE SAITEK DRIVERS! Spadnext works fine. What I didn't do was uninstall the Logitech FSX plugins, which I did after stopping the Saitek Direct output service in the services tab of the task manager. This also solved the issue I was also having with Multifunction panel as well.
  2. Hi guys, hoping someone can tell me where I'm going wrong. Running FSX on WIN 10. Saitek Mulitfunctionc panel, Radio panel and switch panel all worked fine (using FSX default 747-400). But as soon as I try to get a FIP going it stops the ACT/STBY buttons on the radios working (all of them!). The buttons are fine. Problem still exists if I then disconnect the FIP. Tried uninstalling Logitech FSX plug in and using SPADnext but I get the same issue. Not a power issue as the FIP plugs directly into the MOBO, (besides the issue is still there if I disconnect it anyway). A full reinstall of FSX from scratch didn't sort it either.
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