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  1. Hello fellow simmers I would like to buy a new plane,,I have the Carenado TBM850 and like it very much.. Any ideas for a plane that is best suited for M$ Flightsimulator X with Acceleration. I Don't care if it's civil ,commercial , or military.. thanks, dfang
  2. To answer my own question,,I had the latest version 2.1 from SimShack.. dfang
  3. Thanks my friend that did it I spent some time trying to find the problem, but couldn't . You saved me another complete reinstall.. dfang
  4. Hi, I had to reinstall fsx and acceleration recently. I have the original box versions,,running windows 10 home I noticed since the reinstall as the mouse is hovered over a switch or knob (cockpit) there is no pop up information label telling the function ..Is there a key to turn it on and off ? Any help appreciated dfang
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum I purchased the Carenado TBM 850 for FSX about a month ago and would like to know if there is a later version than the one I have ? How do I tell if I have the latest version for FSX ? Thanks, dfang
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