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  1. Could anyone please suggest a source for a B777 Desktop Yoke? I would like to use this with the PMDG 777. I already purchased one of these from ACE last year, but they took my money, and never delivered the yoke. Are there any other (more reliable and honest!) suppliers of this item? Thanks in advance, Neil McGreevy.
  2. Hi Marc, Thanks for your reply to my post. I get the message about leaving my name! I'll include it at the bottom of this post, but how do I get it in to the signature preferences for the future? Yes, I am a current B777 Captain. I'll definitely register a support account, and notify PMDG of my observations, with supporting documents. I have to say, this is the only systems fault I have noticed so far, and am very impressed over all. Looking forward to the update, when it arrives! Cheers for now, Neil McGreevy.
  3. I test this by introducing a failure in to the aircraft systems, such as a hydraulic failure, for example, that results in a landing capability downgrade on the EICAS. I then fly an ILS approach, and check for the associated capability to be displayed in the PFD at 1500’. I fully understand the when and why of those messages on the PFD, I can assure you ;-)
  4. Hi All, I'm new to this product, and generally very impressed. However, there are a couple of glaring errors, and I'm interested to know if others have noticed them! During an Autoland, with all aircraft systems operating correctly, "Land 3" should be displayed on the Primary Flight Display at 1500' Radio Altitude. The PMDG 777 does display this correctly. However, with a message of "No Land 3" on the EICAS, the Primary Flight Display should display "Land 2" at 1500 feet. Likewise, for a "No Autoland" message on the EICAS, the Primary Flight Display should show "No Autoland" at 1500'. These messages indicate the level of autopilot redundancy, and relate to the acceptable landing minima for a particular failure. For example, To conduct a Category Three Autoland with a minima of zero feet, "Land 3" must be displayed on the PFD. With only "Land 2" displayed, the minima must be increased to 50 feet radio altitude. My version of the PMDG 777 does not do this! Am interested to hear some other thoughts on this..
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