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  1. Nigel000

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    They do work well. Thanks
  2. Nigel000

    Boeing 777 wireless problem

    Hi Dave and Jeb, That did the trick Plugin radio, pity, I'll keep a look out for 777 updates. The plug in radio means the 777 is usable again. I thought the problem was with the 777 not pilot2atc and I was right.I think I'll try one of the other planes I have maybe the airbuses. have a nice day guys
  3. Nigel000

    Boeing 777 wireless problem

    Thank guys I'll give it try
  4. Nigel000

    Boeing 777 wireless problem

    I neglected to mention the sim is x-plane 11
  5. The airport is MHRO. I noticed I couldn't alter the radio either manually or automatically( clicking the left comm panel) . I suppose there is some setting in the config? To circumvent this but I don't know what it is.8-( There is no problem with 757,767. Anyone any ideas about getting the comms going in the 777. I haven't flown it much. Today was the first time in years.