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  1. Hi Nico, Thanks a lot for PSXSeecontraffic. It's a lot of fun to use it and I already contributed some money for your nice programs. As a P3D v4 user I regularly position my plane near Schiphol 24 to follow life traffic taxiing to this runway and taking off. It occurred to me that almost all planes are visible on their way to this runway but very ofter they disappear either just before entering the runway or just before take-off. Maybe this could be caused by the RealTraffic data. If that is the case I will contact the author of RealTraffic Another point that I found is the fact that planes on runway suddenly change direction while standing still before take-off. Would it be possible to prevent those moves? By the way, I see similar strange moves in Flighradar24 so I assume they are caused by the supplied data. Nevertheless the experience would become much more realistic if you could filter those moves out. Looking forward to your reaction. Hans
  2. It's old technology indeed, Nico. However, the offer in add-ons like airplanes and other stuff for Prepar3D V4 is still limited in my view. That's why I still use it from time to time.....
  3. Hi Nico, Sorry for coming back once more but I wonder if it is possible to use PSXseeconTraffic with both FSX and Prepar3D V4 on the same PC. So far I did not yet manage to get this working using the 32-bit version of PSXseeconTraffic with FSX and the 64-bit version for Prepar3D V4. I am using your AIGenerator in combination with FLAI. Best regards Hans
  4. Wow! What a difference with Fly Tampa EHAM in combination with PSseeconTraffic. That looks terrific and works much better! Thank you for your patience answering questions like this, Nico. Hans
  5. OK, Nico. I will switch to Fly Tampa EHAM and report back later. Thanks!
  6. Hi Nico, Thank you very much for a very nice addition to Prepar3D. Great piece of work! Given the fact that you posted a picture of Schiphol I assume that you use NL2000 scenery yourself. Is that correct? It occurred to me that quite a number of planes don't land on the center of the runway and from time to time even in the grass around the runway. I am living very close to Schiphol and have my own ADS-B receiver. If I compare the planes that land off-track in P3D with my own ADS-B I don't see a deviation in my own ADS-B feed so I assume that RealTraffic should receive correct ADS-B data as well. Are you able to explain this behaviour which I did not see in other demo's of you app on YouTube. Regards Hans P.S. The link to your FAQ in this forum seems incorrect
  7. Hi Paul If my understanding is correct Ultimate Traffic Live generates AI with flight schedules rather than real live ADS-B traffic. I am looking for the last option and that's what brought me here. Regards Hans
  8. I am curious to know what the current status of your product is. Greetings Hans
  9. Sorry Nico. I should have seen that sentence on your site. If somebody already wrote a little feed-interface program with that function I would be delighted to know. Thanks a lot for your ongoing efforts!
  10. I noticed that only Real Traffic payware can be used as ADS-B feed for your software. In would suggest to make it possible to use PiAware (ADS-B receiver on Raspberry) as a feed. This would not bring extra cost for owners of such a receiver as long as they fly in their own neighbourhood.
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