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  1. p3d was reinstlalled pack into my program files and the issue was only fixed for the new version of p3d is there a way to fix this
  2. ive been searching for a fix but cant find one
  3. did you install your p3d to a different drive than the one that has your program files on or move the p3d folder because that is what i did and i believe that may be causing the issue. Another problem with tomato shade is you cant change or browse for the p3d directory in the status menu. i also had the same issue with SODE so i couldnt use some of my jetways a LFPG and other taxi to gate scenerys
  4. Hi i have been searching for an answer to the exact same problem its really annoying as i just want to get tomato shade working
  5. I don't know whats happening but I cant launch my fsx se anymore after installing reshade. the splash screen wont even show up. Ive been searching through forums and other people are getting this problem but I cant find a fix for it
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