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  1. Ok sorry, I worded it incorrectly. When Preview Direct X is left unchecked, then my pdgm 737 vc is missing PFD an ND
  2. Not sure why but when Direct X Preview is checked, the cockpit view of the panel is missing the PDF and ND. I need Direct X Preview turned off because it affects my addon Airports. As an example my Taxi2gate KMCO is great, but with Direct X enabled there is no runway lights at night. Just wondering how I could get my 737 to work without the Direct X
  3. Oh I see its 27.99. Hmmmm was hoping not to have to purchase anything for a fix of another purchase.
  4. I don't know what that is. I'll look it up thanks
  5. update: I notices the runway lights worked when I disable Direct X preview. But then with it disabled my PMDG 737ngx is missing the PFD and ND in the cockpit!!
  6. I could use some help. Great update to KMCO but at night only have black boxes where lights should be. I've tried to contact TAXI2Gate serval times no response. I had an addon KMCO in the past and removed it, im pretty sure anyways. Might something still be there that is interfering? Any help would be great
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