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  1. Hi all. New to the forum here. (Also 79 years old, so be kind).Not at all familiar with X-Box hardware, etc. Wanting to buy and hook up an X-Box controller to a PC in FS2020 to control the Showcase camera.Can someone either answer a couple of questions, or direct me to the answers?Is anyone using an X-Box controller for the Showcase Camera and if so, would you recommend wired or wireless?If wireless, do you need a dongle to hook it to the PC?Will a less expensive controller like a PowerA ($25) on Amazon work OK?Thanks for any help.
  2. I just installed FSUIPC and made some flight control re-assignments, NOT including anything around starting the aircraft (Cessna 172. Or Waco YMF-5). On Free Flight, I had the default flight set up “cold and dark”, in other words, all switches off. Now when I try to start the flight, everything works up to hitting Cont+E to start the engine. Nothing happens. I’m sure somebody has had this problem before and can help. Also, if I load a flight other than the default, sometime the engine is started, other times, not. Any ideas?
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