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  1. Yeah.. I was missing the cirrus textures. I guess I might have forgotten to extract the new ones when I was backing up the original ones. No wonder I couldn't find much on google because the textures were supposed to be already there.. Well, glad it wasn't anything major that happened to fsx. Thanks for your help! Thanks, will have a look!
  2. Hi all, Today when I was flying I noticed that the upper sky was black. Upon further findings I found that this is due to the cloud draw distance - the greater the cloud draw distance setting, the bigger the black area. I had installed HDEv2 (the clouds, envmap reflection & the ground detail, and got the converted sky textures), i also installed the enbseries included with HDEv2. I had just installed and was using ENB24hr for the past week and I didn't seem to experience this issue. I have spent a few hours trying to solve this such as deleting the converted sky textures and reverting to the original fsx ones, and also removing the enbseries and use ENB24hr, but with ENB24hr I still experience this, so I have removed ENB24hr too. Any help is much appreciated! :)
  3. This is what I experienced too. Uninstalled FSXWX and now sim does not freeze.
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