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    Droppable objects

    How can I get P3dV4 to recognize droppable object add on? I installed the At Droppable Object as per the instructions but it doesn’t show up as an add on in P3d.
  2. rworthen

    Limited zoom range

    Thanks loads!
  3. rworthen

    Limited zoom range

    Eyepoint too close to panel to see all instrument. Zoom has small range. Moving eyepoint back doesn’t improve this. I have span three screens enabled. Any suggestions on what settings to change?
  4. I have funds that will be expiring soon and would like to purchase RXP now. The computer that I'll be installing it on hasn't arrived yet. Can I purchase RXP now and get an account and activation code, then install it later using the activation code?
  5. Can I run RXP GNS530 on both P3DV3 and P3DV4 on the same Windows 10 pc? If so, how?
  6. rworthen

    RXP on both P3DV3 and P3DV4

    Thanks. I’ll try that. I assume I can use the same license key.
  7. rworthen

    RXP on both P3DV3 and P3DV4

    I must apologize. Today I am not at the facility where the system is located and I'm trying to get a heads up before going in this week. In looking at the RXP GNS 530 V2 users manual, I don't see reference to a add-on.xmll file. Still, should I expect to see this file on my system in a location something like "Documents\Prepar3d v3 Add-ons\Reality XP GNS\add-on.xml"?
  8. rworthen

    RXP on both P3DV3 and P3DV4

    Thanks for the reply. Let me be clearer. I installed P3DV3 about a year ago, It installed in ...\Program Files(x86)\...I then installed RXP. I recently installed P3DV4. It installed in ...\Program Files\...How do I now get RXP working with P3DV4? I want to be able to launch P3DV4 or P3DV3 and run RXP in either. Can this be done or do I have to uninstall RXP then reinstall it for P3DV4?