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  1. @ryanbatcund Hello Ryan, could you please share your f1 gtn King air 350 mod with me? sent you already a pm. Thanks a Lot.
  2. Hi everyone! I´m pretty sure it´s just a tiny little thing i forgot to adjust. After complete Sim Reinstallation to another drive, i´m struggling with my 747 to do fully automated landings. Tried it on different airports, and tried it with the 737 and the 777. With these ones everthing works well, like the 747 did as well before the reinstallation. When i turn into the final appoach and i engage the Approach-Button i only approaching with Glidepath instead of Slope. And the other to Autopilot buttons do not engage. I have in Suspect that i missed to adjust an option in the PMDG Equipment-Setup properly. So, does somebody know which options are have to be setup correctly to autoland again? Thx guys for your help. Alex.
  3. Hello there! I'm interested in buying the lhasa airport addon from dazzle colour game, but i can't find information if its working with p3d v4.4. Does someone has some experience with this addon, and if yes, is it recommandable? Thanks for your help. Alex
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