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  1. Wiregauge

    2d Cockpit view distorted?

    Thanks Chris, Just a suggestion for your portal, change the wording: "you must create a unique account here. " to "you must create a unique account here. by using register link above." Because there are a lot of people can't find it. Thanks for your help, I'll put a ticket in now. Chris..
  2. Wiregauge

    2d Cockpit view distorted?

    I have restarted again and the 2d view is now OK. Strange thing is in 2d view all Displays are on showing engines as running on Engine Display, but outside view shows engines stopped.I can hear engine sound. VC shows Cold & Dark.( screens blank) when click on ,FO PFD, ND , engine display, Cpt ND popup shows all as they should. Cpt PFD and popup is blank. FMC is blank, Popup shows normal operation of FMC. I can close engine cut off valves to OFF. engine sound remains. I can't operate Throttles, hand is showing. Overhead : I switched the battery to OFF. 2d still shows engine running. No caution lights on. APU is OFF. I went into the FMC Menu-PMDG setup- Lic Codes shows NO lic. even through I have entered it at startup.Maybe the problem? I have been putting the Lic. Code into the Activation Code box. Is this correct?
  3. Wiregauge

    2d Cockpit view distorted?

    Hi Chris, No, I used R mouse click/ menu. Also tried menu at top as well. The first time I loaded from purchase, 2d view was showing, didn't touch anything , was distorted. Another thing is, don't know if this is normal, if I crash the plane into the gate and it reloads none of the buttons in the VC work.Have to restart p3dV4. Is it normal having to input Activation Code on every startup? Thanks,
  4. Wiregauge

    2d Cockpit view distorted?

    Hi All, Any ideas why the 2d Cockpit view is distorted? New purchase , reloaded aircraft a few times still the same. Virtual cockpit is ok.