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  1. timfwalsh01

    Version 11.30 GNS430W CDI Gone (resolved)

    ANOTHER UPDATE: I did update the RealSimGear file and the RSG GNS430W is now back working - all files are up to date. As to the disappearing GPS CDI - I actually had the CDI button on the RSG GNS430W depressed for VLOC!! That is why the GPS CDI did not cycle!! You have to be able to laugh at yourself - hopefully, this will help someone else. I did notice this my real plane today, and immediately recognized the problem!!
  2. timfwalsh01

    Version 11.30 GNS430W CDI Gone (resolved)

    Actually, Thanks for your timely response. I have an update: I just updated software for X Plane 11 = 11.32 (64 bit), and RXP v2.4.9. Previously, I could "drive" the G1000 via the GNS430W using RXP and my RealSimGear GNS430W, it worked exceptionally well. In my plane, I actually fly, a Velocity with Dynon Skyviews, and a GNS430W, the RXP and RealSimGear GNS430W is the closest I could replicate. My current issue is that when I open 172SP with G1000, the RSG 430W with latest RXP software freezes. The "OK" button does not respond to the "Enter" button and it freezes. I just downloaded the RXP User manual and I could not tell if this is the latest version - specifically, I am looking for the settings section. Is this the current version? Thanks for prompt support to a great product!! Tim
  3. I have the latest version of X-Plane 11 (11.30) running on Windows 10. I am flying the stock Cessna 172SP with G1000, and a RealSimGear (RSG) GNS430W using the latest Reality XP software (2.4.6) I used the Xplane Plugin Manager to turn On/Off the plugin for the Reality XP software. The RSG GNS430W is set up as GPS 1. When I do the systems check on the (hit Enter button on RSG GNS430W), the correct data shows up on the G1000, and the GPS CDI appears on the HSI. When I hit the Enter button a second time, the GPS CDI disappears. When cycling through the CDI source on the G1000, the GPS CDI flickers, but you cannot select to stay on the HSI. Only LOC1 and VOR 2 CDIs can be cycled. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tim