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  1. hi im back! Ive had another fps issue on my system same specs. I get around 16 fps on the newest update all default i also did a clean reinstall and reset nvidia settings. when i look around in the cockpit i get 35 40 fps but when i look through the window i get bad fps(Anytime looking outside) ive done every trick in the book please help me any support would be well appreciated! Settings Minimal HDR 1xAA High textures and high buildings
  2. Hello! i have a problem with p3d v4. No matter what airport or plane my p3d v4.5 freezes/stutters for about 3 seconds twice on takeoff then is buttery smooth for the rest. Any ideas anyone?
  3. i really need help guys im thinking of quiting flight sim
  4. btw im i do testing in lax with fsdt klax with pmdg 777
  5. ok i am using same clock speed at 2400mhz ram but different companies
  6. i installed fsenhancer and flywithlua and my fps went down to 25 and i deleted it but it didnt work
  7. i have done it like 10 times and i have threaded optimization on
  8. HI i get low fps around 24 and i have a very good system. Ryzen 7 2700x rtx 2070 and 24gb ram. Im on 11.32r and ive tried everything. I got it to stay around 35 fps all the time but then it just went back please help i have it on high buildings and everything else low
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