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  1. If you plan to go low&slow and not just fly in your immediate surroundings, even the biggest won't last long, since most of the addons will be TE sceneries. USA covered with ORBX and MSE will take nearly 2TB, Europe also in range of 2TB, it just dissapears.... If, on the other hand, you're into jetliners, where scenery doesn't play that much of a role, the size requirements are much smaller, since most addons will be airport sceneries and planes. And don't forget, 3x.
  2. I'm on 4.5 HF2, have all of the France VFR (v4 tbh, i cannot find normandy v3) and had almost no problems. Ok, if you lose autogen in one region (probably not just one), you just reinstall one region and voila, ag in all regions is back. Don't know why and how, but it helps. And i don't know if it messed with my autogen, cause if it works, i don't even care. What "mess with my autogen" did it cause?
  3. Well, same here (4TB of combined SSD storage space), so i move a lot of sceneries (i don't use too often) to Seagate Backup Plus external usb 3 drives (5+5TB). It's not that you always need all of the world in PR/TE, god forbid to have them all checked in scenery library. Hopefully, SSD prices will drop even more so we can all enjoy fast 8TB drives for a decent money in not so distant future.
  4. He's done a lot of AG for free and to me fsxforum.de and fsdeveloper.com are worth spending time in search for great sceneries (NL2k or Malta for example). You name it, you've got it.
  5. If you want to see the other side (freeware), you can check out Matthias's photoreal version of Africa (beefy but that's what you get with PR). If size doesn't matter, then go for it, you won't regret it. And if you really like it, there's a donate button on the page too, i did it when i first saw his work (and he has done a lot of it....:) http://www.fsxforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=19623&p=201555&hilit=africa#p201555 http://www.fsxforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=19260&p=201383&hilit=africa#p201383
  6. Installed without any problems, small size, good quality, happy user.
  7. Hi, although title says it again, it's not quite the same. No problems with terrain.dll or any other dll ever, but yesterday, i started modifiying my initial Isle of Man scenery (made only from photoreal layer and shp files converted into working scenery using ScenProc). Everything worked just fine, but when after adding some more vegetation (just started modifying and wanted to see the first result) and saving the modified scenery, troubles began. I've uninstalled the old scenery (made all the modifying into a fresh folder), exited the p3d, reentered, installed new (with additional vegetation) scenery and until i try to "touch" the modified tile, all's fine. But if i try to set off from the EGNS, scenery won't load (it hangs at 70% and then CTD). Ok, obviously i've made a mistake adding those trees, but what on earth i could have done wrong? I've only selected tree objects from the autogendescriptions.xml, so no 3rd party autogen. My unmodified Man scenery works fine. EDIT : Just made one last check (three actually) before posting and yeah, now it works, like it never ever had any problems. Made two approaches from EGNL and one takeoff from EGNS, no problem. So, it is just another unexplicable terrain.dll mistery.
  8. Ok, now i get it. I thought it was the new RealTurb update, that brought these extreme turbulence enhancements but it seems that it was you, who caused all the commotion in the air.
  9. Well, you could try other countries in photoreal which should not be such CPU & GPU consumer, haven't tried it yet, but i guess since there's no calculations to be made regarding positioning of the LC, only AG would be the thirsty one. I'm sure you can get a second hand 970 4gb on ebay for less than 100€. Then your system would be more powerful than mine (ok, i have 4,5tb of ssd disks) and i'm quite happy with it. I fly "low & slow" have nearly all Orbx sceneries and airports, almost all of the Europe covered with both photoreal and LC sceneries and i'm getting approx 25-30 fps (some say it's way to low, but with limited resources, i'm quite happy with what i've got) when not flying around major cities or airports. Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, ..... everything exists for free, you could add your AG, made with ScenProc, and you're in for a good flying experience. Regarding the FS202X, just skip it, it'll need both fast internet and state of art hardware.
  10. Well, just had 70 secs, so it varies to some degree, but it's still super fast for my specs.
  11. Buying a new GTX 1080 ti 11gb would help a lot and the price of these (old) video cards is getting lower and lower, currently approx 400€. I'm quite happy with my 4gb GTX 970, but i'm only flying vfr (which i presume you'll do the same, since buying a TE scenery for big-jets flying doesn't really make sense.
  12. Ian, check my signature (i have a gran gran daddy PC), i have a lot of add-ons and i have like 30 secs (ok, max 1 min, i've excluded all of my Orbx sceneries) load time, but yeah, 3-4 mins is not bad.
  13. Ok, please read the following with a grain of salt, i'm no expert in problem solving, have a degree in producing problem though . This is how i decreased the start page loading time from 10+ mins to approx. 30 secs (and this could have been done without the Proc*** programs, since everybody is giving advices to exclude p3d folder from AV). I've downloaded the ProcMon64 and ProcExplorer64 from SysInternals, it's very basic but it does miracles (sometimes). There's a bunch of good "how to" videos on YouTube, but it's so basic, anyone can use it. Started both programs (start capture events in ProcExplorer!!!), started p3d and first monitored the ProcMon (to see what program is taking the most of my CPU) and waited for P3d to step up and start using CPU. In my case, it was BitDefender (which btw is a great program, but sometimes hard to master). Then i went to ProcExplorer and stopped the Capture events (you'll get some 3+ millions of events, but that's ok). Then i went through all of events which were accessing any of p3d folders (program, add-ons, sceneries) and excluded them from av montoring. And loading time dropped 20x. It's an extreme case, but you get the message. Use both Proc**** programs to discover the culprit and see if there's anything you can do to help the p3d achieving better load up times. If you won't find any process, that takes all of the CPU, then you might have a disk problem .
  14. It could be that your AV is checking your p3d program, but this is highly unlikely, since i guess you've already made an exception in your AV software? When did it start loading slowly, did you install any new add-ons? How long does it take to load, long is very general term?
  15. Hey Roger, last week was just too demanding at work so i had no time for testing, did squeeze a few flying hours though. Did the "all (quite a lot actually) but Orbx" thing with no success, if friendly names are left ON, catalog just keeps loading. I'm also having problems with Austria professional HD (E+W) and Slovenian scenery, which i have to resolve first before judging anything else. Hope things will get better soon.
  16. A bad day today. Problems setting "friendly names" back to off and then SD just wouldn't cooperate anymore. I started with full sceneries and then, when i repeated the step (at least two repeats needed if you want to prove anything), it just didn't anymore. Regarding twin sceneries, i was hoping to be able to prove, that if you had both P3d and Orbx sceneries enabled (P3d NAW and lets say Orbx N+S California) it would break the SD. Whenever i forgot to turn off p3d sceneries, SD would not start. And now, it's not starting no matter what. I'll get it going soon (and test your last suggestion), until then, have a great flying weekend. Regarding photoscenery, i'm not sure if i understood it correctly (still p3d rookie), i have a photo layer (scenery) and an autogen layer (texture). So i guess library of objects?
  17. That wasn't really a question, right? Off, of course. Had it loaded in 4 mins, then turned the switch on and waited for like 90 mins, just nearly finished, but it didn't. I guess i will have a hard time turning it off, because it won't load to switch it off again. Tomorrow it's time to check whether the theory of "twin sceneries" is correct (have the whole day to be patient and wait), will post.
  18. Ok, not final, but almost final result. I've added Italy photoreal, the rest of Orbx airports, P3d cities and the rest of non Orbx airports and the number of objects went to 109103. And SD still cooperating , except for CTD on exit to p3d. What i haven't added yet are FTXAA_ORBXLIBS, and p3d sceneries SAME, OCEN, NAMW, NAMC, NAME, AUST. I'll add those tomorrow and i guess this will break the SD.
  19. Hi, i'm moving on although not in Orbx direction (have an idea why i'm having problems, but will have to make some more testing). Added complete set of France VFR with the exception of recently released Rhone-Alps 2, which i haven't bought yet, and SD is still working. So amount of data isn't the problem, now i have almost doubled the number of scenery objects from when i "hit the wall" yesterday. Ok, i admit that i have disabled loading of friendly names when i started testing today, but this should only speed up loading times and should not be the key whether SD loads at all. It's getting late and tomorrow is a new day. The final SD numbers are 74351 objects, p3d takes 3.4GB of memory. Oh, i'm getting the CTD when exiting from SD back to p3d, strange. Added Spain Photoreal scenery (all 17 regions) and SD still has no problems (cause it's photoreal, not lc). P3d still crashes on exiting from SD.
  20. Hey, right now i'm stuck, only succeeded adding one scenery, every other meant end of the game (being stuck at 69%, 22%, you name it). So it's been rather slow progress, hope i'll have more luck tomorrow. Regarding the friendly names, yeah, that's known to help, but only to a certain degree.
  21. Hey Ace, did some (actually quite a lot) of step by step adding sceneries, staring from (greens are Orbx) 32 Orbx airports (some 50 still not enabled) Germany N+S Global Airports EU Lights Australia 2 Europe OLC Base SloveniaX (not Orbx) approx 50 other (non Orbx) airport sceneries Vector and was able to add these and have SD still working England Norway NCA CRM NRM PF PNW SAK SCA NZNI NZSI SA lights NA OLC SA OLC NA lights IRL NIRL SCO WAL so i started adding my other nonOrbx sceneries and this is where i got so far and SD still in working order. It takes a bit longer to start (not more than 5-6 mins) but it still opens and enables me to add objects to the default F22@Eglin. Austria Prof ChProx Will continue tomorrow by adding those 50 or so additional Orbx airport sceneries and then some 25 or so additional sceneries (all of FranceVFR, Air Hispania and Italy photoreal), it's getting late here (1:30 AM). If i want to post a report on Orbx forum, i need to be specific of what i did. It is turning out that Orbx might not be the main culprit, maybe just to much data, more than 1,5TB of it. I'll see where it will stop.
  22. Well, i have a pretty old PC and had the same problem yesterday (never tried running the SD before). Until i unticked all but basic (vector) ORBX sceneries, it never came beyond "loading catalog" message. Now it starts in" no time", so yea, it's kind of funny to force us to provide "the help to the program" by reducing the number of active sceneries. Nowadays, they could have come up with the possibility to untick the sceneries in SimDirector, not in P3d. From default F22@Eglin it takes 160 secs (it stops at 83% and then jumps to 100%) and exiting back to P3d only takes 5 secs.
  23. I'm sure everyone interested in building his own AG already knows it, but the lack of vegetation (or sparsity of it) can be overcome by using rectangular instead of polygon shaped vegetation. Of course, you won't get trees where there were none using polygons, it only increases the density. Tried it on my Puerto Rico and it make a huge difference. Ok, sometimes the tree coverage even gets a bit over exaggerated, but more is always better than less. Oh man Benjamin, it's like coming into toy shop on a Xmas eve. What Matthias is doing is just crazy, he puts so much energy into his projects and helps others willing to learn. Something to read this weekend.
  24. Yea, that was figured out and now i want to do both editing/previewing the ag objects as well as placing them to agn files where they're missing. Autogen Annotator covers both i guess. It seems strange that there's no YT tutorials if this is the package to use, only this by LHSimulations.
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