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  1. Hello all. In anticipation of more hotfixes and future versions of P3D V5, I would like to ask some questions. Since about 90% of addons are now implemented using the Addon.xml method, how does one go about re-activating all addon.xml after a clean install of P3D? I recall an instance when I had to use the delete generated files command. I had to manually uninstall and reinstall everything for the files to be read again. Even though I think that was totally unnecessary since 90% of my addons then were installed using the xml method. Just recently I discovered that ORBX Central has a one-click option "Sync Simulator" in order for the packages to be recognized by P3D again after a clean install which is great for future updates on P3D. Thank you.
  2. This worked for me. So now adding manually an aircraft would require a description per component. Strange as I never had to do this with V4.5 and V5, until HF1 only. A new change perhaps?
  3. Had this issue as well. I emptied my Documents\Prepar3d V5 Add Ons folder and it worked again. Now adding add ons one by one.
  4. My 8700k is properly loaded too. But I have disabled Hyperthreading.
  5. I just installed P3D, also installed ORBX Global, NA LC, Buildings HD, and Trees via ORBX Central. I just renamed p3dv4 to p3dv5. And everytime I go to the sim settings I am getting this message. Anyone else encountering this so far?
  6. This has already happened several times to me in the past few days. My views keeps getting changed. Somehow it primarily affects the captain's view. All my other presets seem fine. Easy, I just download the preset again from the community library. But then I notice also some exterior views are changed. Is this because they are being updated by the author? Ver. 1.0.43 exp
  7. Just run EF -> AS -> P3D in that order, and you're good to go...don't have to tinker much with anything else 🙂
  8. I think you would like EF...considering that you have a cockpit setup, you would be spared from all the 'cockpit too bright' issues 😁
  9. I currently use REX EF+SF only. I also have ASP4 but I stopped using it because I like to stay within the REX ecosystem and the cloud models are more robust and 'full' with REX SF wx engine. There are some drawbacks like high GPU usage in overcast conditions; but I've managed to get around it by disabling some EF features like the dense cirrus overcast layer, 3d/cirrus cloud morphing. And so far I am quite satisfied with the results. I can't wait for the upcoming weather force add-on.
  10. I used to sim without a rudder pedals too...for a long time! Until I got one. I got the Thrustmaster FCS (comes with throttle, joystick, and rudder pedals). Never looked back. Couldn't imagine how I got by all the previous years without a proper rudder pedal.
  11. When you say adaptive do you mean the HDR adaptation mode?
  12. Another thing you might want to disable to improve the performance is in the main EF program window. Something about 'Enable Dense Cirrus Overcast Layer'...this is a real performance hog.
  13. Another tip. Disable hyperthreading in the BIOS and overclock that chip to 5.0ghz. I got mine stable at 1.23v w/out AVX. I've played P3D for the longest time with hyperthreading enabled and it just doesn't quite compare with it off. No matter what other people say. Don't even consider the affinity mask trick, it's going to be a waste of time and headache 'tweaking' the sim. I'm running the same setup, sans the GPU, I'm only using RTX 2070. I would say my settings are medium, and getting consistently 40~60fps anywhere. 30fps under heavy weather and REX EF+SF. I could get consistent 50fps while in UK2000 EGLL scenery with heavy VATSIM traffic (FLAi) using the Aerosoft A320.
  14. I tried the Replay feature (using the latest exp. version) using the PMDG 777...but the thing is, I started it after I had already shut down the A/C. Which was a bad idea. What's the recommended procedure here to replay the landings and still show most of the animations? Right after vacating the runway~pause~then run the replay thru CP?
  15. Thanks for that. Is there any way to enable the gimbal stabilisation globally?
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