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  1. I just noticed that if I import an existing preset from another one of my aircraft, the motion effects are not being imported. As if advanced features not being enabled to an imported preset. Is there a way to import to include the motion effects properly?
  2. jmrtlara

    Chaseplane & P3d v4 Crash

    Hello, Any updates regarding CTDs after long hauls with Advanced Features enabled? I seem to be able to get away just fine with it disabled, but I would want to fly with the niceties of it enabled. Sorry for digging out this thread, but I am in this boat. No CTDs prior to installing ChasePlane after hundreds of hours flying in P3D V4.4. And it's a fresh install. No shaders, no p3d.cfg mods, etc.
  3. I've had 2 separate CTDs now.. First CTD - advanced features turned on = CTD Second flight - advanced features turned off = no CTD Third flight - advanced features on and experimental on = CTD What could be causing this? I'm thinking this is not likely caused by other add-ons I have as I've never encountered CTDs in my P3D v4.4 before until after I installed CP.