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  1. I'm currently using EA w/o VC. But I really want to keep using Volumetric Clouds, since it actually behaves like a cloud, and gives a feeling of IMC when inside, unlike the legacy clouds that don't behave like a cloud at all. Although when using VC, it doesn't depict other cloud formation which is severely lacking and needed for a flight sim to be flyable. Hope it gets better in next updates.
  2. Started seeing this happen as well. What's odd is, it's very inconsistent.. sometimes it happens sometimes no. The few times I've experienced this I was flying the PMDG 777 and Aerosoft Pro. The most recent one being earlier, flying over South China Sea, clear skies.. EA enabled and volumetric clouds. All of a sudden FPS dropped to 4-10. Which makes the a/c totally unflyable and had to quit. The few times it happened I just end up closing the sim since there is no workaround. Never seen this behavior in previous versions. Only in 5.3.
  3. I used to have the same issues. Persistent CTDs. Just remove Object2Flow of ORBX. You won't even notice it.
  4. What's the issue with it again? I'm using it for V5 HF2 without any issues, but then again.. I just enjoy flying from Point A->B. Not into study level much. There's PMDG for that. Just make sure you enable experimental updates so you get all the latest patches.
  5. What I hate about EA is how it interacts with the autogen trees and buildings...the Autogen's pop up weirdly like there's a fog. Since then I've disabled EA. Hoping we're out of beta in the next iteration. 😞
  6. I always imagined MSFS to be the VFR go-to sim, whilst P3D still for my airliners, especially PMDG. Turned out to be true. And most of my friends also. After a while the novelty of MSFS' VFR sight seeing flights eventually faded, and most of us are back in P3D doing cargo/pax runs for our local virtual airline. 😄
  7. Does it? It's meant to precisely reduce VRAM errors, in exchange for increased CPU load.
  8. Ruling out a P3D issue then. I will try disabling Vector too. Thank Edit: I disabled Vector using P3DAO and it instantly resolved the issues. I will report to ORBX.
  9. They're: RPVR and RPVD. Both default. It would be much appreciated if you can confirm that the issue also exist in your installation. 🙂
  10. As I'm doing more flights recently at default V5 airports, I'm noticing that some airports have weird autogen issues where trees and buildings are all over the runway. I have ORBX Base, Vector, Trees HD, Terraflora V2, and Buildings HD installed. I already tried verifying the ORBX Libraries to no avail. Even tried the Sync Simulator, no luck either. Any ideas? I'm curious if this is a P3D issue or an ORBX issue.
  11. This is happening to me as well, initially I thought it was HT in my 8700K. I disabled it and ran the sim at 5GHz HT Off. Funny enough, my sim stays at 45-60fps, then momentarily drops to 7-12fps every few minutes/seconds (I don't count), as if it's trying to load something...but this thing happens in cruise, over the pacific. Using also the PMDG B748.
  12. I prefer to use EA for my rotary flights, they're perfect. But once you get to the flight levels, for my long haul cargo flights, it lacks variation/formation. Keeping it off for my aluminum tube flights, EA on for my GAs.
  13. Same machine here, I was happily running 5.0 ghz when I used V4.5. But rolled back to 4.7 ghz no AVX for V5 and turned off HT. All my flights are now smooth. And no CTDs so far. Nearly 100 hrs of long hauls in the PMDG B748 and Aerosoft A330.
  14. Hello all. In anticipation of more hotfixes and future versions of P3D V5, I would like to ask some questions. Since about 90% of addons are now implemented using the Addon.xml method, how does one go about re-activating all addon.xml after a clean install of P3D? I recall an instance when I had to use the delete generated files command. I had to manually uninstall and reinstall everything for the files to be read again. Even though I think that was totally unnecessary since 90% of my addons then were installed using the xml method. Just recently I discovered that ORBX Central has a one-click option "Sync Simulator" in order for the packages to be recognized by P3D again after a clean install which is great for future updates on P3D. Thank you.
  15. This worked for me. So now adding manually an aircraft would require a description per component. Strange as I never had to do this with V4.5 and V5, until HF1 only. A new change perhaps?
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