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  1. Hi, since this morning I am experiencing a rather interesting CTD issue. The program loads up as usual, I get to the load screen and almost immediately after I click on Start Flight, the program CTD. The only change I did since yesterday (when it ran fine) was to install an update to Active Sky. I have already removed and re-installed the P3D client and scenery file and also removed Active Sky, albeit to no avail so far. Does anybody have any idea short of completely removing P3D (which would be a real hassle given the add-on installed so far). Regards, Oliver
  2. Thanks for the information. I was already doubting that I could manage the G1000 properly in this airplane 🙂
  3. Dear community, I have an issue with the DA62 G1000. Upfront, I am sorry that my description might sound confusing, the issue surely confuses me... After entering an flightplan, taking off and engaging the AP, the AP follows the route nicely, however with a big BUT: The PFD does not change to the next WP, the flightplan in the MFP does not switch to the next active leg. I can of course rectify this with choosing the active leg manually, but this is a nuisance especially on difficult SID and STAR. What is even more confusing is that the distance calculations are completely off. The distances are calcuated from the departure airport to the next WP (if I knew how to attach files, I would attach 2 screenshots to demonstrate the issue). I am completely lost why this is happening. I have even read through the official Garmin G1000 manual to find my error. I think that I forgot something at the very beginning of the flight, like activating the flight plan or tell the FMS that I am taking off. Is there anybody who can give me some advice here? Regards and merry christmas, Oliver
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