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  1. For clarity, PhotoSim will create all active airfields within the Bahamas for P3D/FSX? If so, since our islands are rather small, will you consider rendering the entire islands, not just the airfields? Thanks for your work on this project. (afternoon)
  2. Welcome back to the hobby Micstatic! If you're set on continuing to use FS2004, your only bet currently to have a full display of current A/C models is if you drop SqBox4 and use Swift (click link). Their thoughtfulness to implement FS2004 (experimental) thru P3Dv4+ (inclusive of X-Plan 10/11 is a refreshing and most appreciated approach to the diversity of simulators still in use. I wish you well -- see you in the virtual skies. //PGJ-II
  3. Disregard, Vertx Support to the rescue. Happy New year (pre)!
  4. Happy Holidays! Trust everyone is doing well! Having purchased this A/C on the 25th of December as a gift to myself; all advertised features work as stated, but I'm having one issue with steering the A/C (using P3D v4.4). On rudder input, I'm getting a limited response from the A/C. I have tried increasing the sensitivity of the rudder input from within P3D, editing the options within the A/C 'config app' but no resolve (all settings within the 'config app' are tuned as recommended within the User Manual). I emailed 'Support' @ Vertx yesterday, but also posting here in case another member here encountered the same issue. Thanks, Prince
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