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  1. I will refrain from further discussions on this and future topics about "VR" -- useless! "Left Behind" comes to mind when trying to engage such talks.
  2. Are you assuming...? If so, to ensure you are informed; what you saw in that video - in the HMD the fidelity is even more profound for me. Secondly, the video is not pointless (your subjective view) -- head tracking is the pinnacle for TrackIR (it goes no further), however, VR adds depth and real-time perception were skills learned in the VR environment relating to depth perception parallels and compliments real life skills within aviation. If you can not fathom this simple concept; I rest my case. Lastly, it seems you are mistaking VR representation as the same representation displayed on an external monitor - if you are, you really need to demo the above mentioned with a proper setup. Too often much of the comments are premature. Now, I shall log AVSIM and make a return flight out of Congo Town into Nassau deeply immersed in VR w/ my HP Reverb ~78PJ
  3. Greetings Ladies/Gents; The level of involvement and presence far exceeds our external monitor use in my opinion. Here's the thing, there is a level of malarkey (in the voice of Joe Biden) when individuals who never tired VR in the SIM claim it does not exceed the level of involvement and presence felt compared to external monitors. Everyone who uses VR has for some time used an external monitor with their SIM of choice, so their comparison of the two (even if exaggerated), is more authentic. Don't make a claim or comparison until you have tried both; to do so is not only a disservice to upcoming Simmers but you're being untruthful to your self. If one does not like the idea of VR, state that which would be the truthful admit on bias preference (if you've never tired VR). The advantages of VR flying far outweigh its current limitations (*current* because as time progresses, it will hurdle those limitations). Approach and Landing: Congo Town, Andros Bahamas out of Nassau -- in VR of course (I have added the B717 from TFDi and Milviz B-King Air to my A/C lineup and have perfected use in VR so stay tuned for those streams forthcoming) -- so, Vertx's DA62, TDFi's B712, Milviz B-350i and Just Flight C152 are my A/Cs of choice for VR flying in P3Dv4 ---
  4. Hi Jean; My use of VR -- see for yourself. However, the recorded video pals in comparison to the actual visuals in the HMD. Cheers, N978PJ Full flight out of Nassau into Congo Town, Andros (fast forward to the sections of interest -- total flight is about 20 minutes)
  5. I will be isolating myself from the rest of the world after an hour – will be MIA for as long as it takes! Duty Calls! The “Eagle has landed” with military grade classification: TOP SECRET! Bye!
  6. Take a look at how I have mastered VR in P3D with access to all materials/apps I need for the SIM in VR.
  7. Ladies/Gents; My share of the joys of flying VR – I stream exclusively in VR on Twitch with TFDi’s B712 and Vertx’s DA62: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/513523299 and https://www.twitch.tv/n978pj Enjoy and here’s to a continued bright future in VR development for Flight Simulation especially the upcomig Microsoft Flight Simulator. //PGJ-II (N978PJ)
  8. For clarity, PhotoSim will create all active airfields within the Bahamas for P3D/FSX? If so, since our islands are rather small, will you consider rendering the entire islands, not just the airfields? Thanks for your work on this project. (afternoon)
  9. Welcome back to the hobby Micstatic! If you're set on continuing to use FS2004, your only bet currently to have a full display of current A/C models is if you drop SqBox4 and use Swift (click link). Their thoughtfulness to implement FS2004 (experimental) thru P3Dv4+ (inclusive of X-Plan 10/11 is a refreshing and most appreciated approach to the diversity of simulators still in use. I wish you well -- see you in the virtual skies. //PGJ-II
  10. Disregard, Vertx Support to the rescue. Happy New year (pre)!
  11. Happy Holidays! Trust everyone is doing well! Having purchased this A/C on the 25th of December as a gift to myself; all advertised features work as stated, but I'm having one issue with steering the A/C (using P3D v4.4). On rudder input, I'm getting a limited response from the A/C. I have tried increasing the sensitivity of the rudder input from within P3D, editing the options within the A/C 'config app' but no resolve (all settings within the 'config app' are tuned as recommended within the User Manual). I emailed 'Support' @ Vertx yesterday, but also posting here in case another member here encountered the same issue. Thanks, Prince
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