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  1. Bought the Q400. Very nice plane
  2. The only airport in my city is LTAY and it is small, so I don't get a chance to see planes that much. As for the Majestic Q400, I will have to make a choice between it and the CRJ
  3. I will probably stick with Aerosoft as FSLabs is a bit heavy on my PC. I have seen some news on Blackboxes site that they'll be releasing Airbus Widebody Xtreme v1.0 sometime in 2019 as they have said that v0.90 will be coming 2018 but I think that'll be delayed as 2019 is days away. I'll install the demo as soon as I get home. Concerning the quality, I am not a real airline operations simmer and I can deal with something that is not top-notch.
  4. I have bought the Maddog X and it's amazing. But I'm still looking for an A330/A340
  5. Thanks! I will check it out
  6. As I live in Turkey, P3D v4 is very expensive. Some friends of mine have Wilco Airbus Evo 2, they say it is not top notch like FSLabs or Aerosoft but I am yet to find anyone that knows or has used or is still using CLS Airbus A330/340
  7. Would you recommend Wilco Airbus Evolution 2 or CLS A330/340
  8. Are you able to provide info on some long to medium haul Airbus Jets like the A330 or the A350?
  9. I am not new to FSX necessarily. I have a few aircraft but not much. I am already used to the FSX default aircraft. My aircraft are as follows: Aerosoft A320/21 PMDG 777 with 300ER expansion Wilco A380 PA merge
  10. Hey! I’m new to the community and I am looking for some good aircraft. I’d prefer Airbus jets but a few regionals and Boeing jets would be good. I am not really into nostalgic flying though. Thanks!