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  1. I have to say, since the Community presets were removed from ChasePlane it's become one of the most annoying addons to use in Prepar3D. No matter which addon plane you were in, it was highly likely someone had shared a decent set of custom views that were perfect for quick fly arounds. Having to spend time digging around the Internet or creating all your own camera angles is annoying and I think it's a real loss. Where are people getting views from now if they don't have access to their old ones?
  2. Sorry but it's a point release - why would you expect major changes? Simmers like us aren't Lockheed Martin's target market, businesses and governments with deep pockets are - funnily enough they're not that bothered about major improvements to things like trees, they're using it for flight modelling etc and want a stable environment, which is what LM are aiming for with their "constant fixes". I don't really understand where you would go - go to X-Plane if you want but they have their own set of issues. You're not going to get a platform with the ridiculous number of addons *anywhere* that is free of issues.
  3. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has a PFPX profile they'd be willing to share for the Vertx DA62 please? Many thanks 🙂
  4. Surprised they let it expire without installing the new cert. It's typical these days that the companies you buy the SSLs from or even if you use Let's Encrypt you would get multiple reminders that it's going to expiry to give you plenty of time to sort a new one out.
  5. The lack of response by them on their forums regarding this problem is not great. I do not get this problem in any other major addon developer when changing views in an aircraft such as PMDG/FSLabs and more. It's been going on for some time, it puts doubts whether the issue wiill ever be fixed. It doesn't look great and the lack of updates or staff replying to forum threads is not a good look IMO. Hopefully I'm wrong as it is quite a lovely plane to fly but this CTD error when changing views is off putting. I want to be able to fly the plane and also change views now and again to be able to take screenshots or look around without having that risk of a CTD at any moment.
  6. You're losing FPS because you're rendering the simulator at the resolution of 3 screens rather than 1. Using Nvidia surround or the TH2Go isn't going to change that.
  7. I think that's a difference from the real world. The European version has 5 seats to get under some kind of legal limit I believe.
  8. Perhaps a good sign others are seeing the offset map problem then! Will continue to follow that one - it's no biggie for some of us VFR fanatics. Honestly though bugs aside this has to be one of the best add-ons I've purchased. It's an incredibly stable plane to fly (is that the plane, the fantastic work modelling it, or both?!), the performance is top notch and I think it's the best G1000 I've seen in P3D 🙂
  9. Is anyone else seeing the map offset by a couple of miles slightly as in the screenshot below? It seems to happen at all the airports I've tried, some with scenery and some without. I've tried EGBB, EGCC, EGTC and EGNX. Would fsaerodata fix this? I'm seeing it with Sors and the default P3D stuff. Cheers
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