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  1. now I have deleted the entry with windows editor. but I still can not hear the sound of ATC Chatter. May be the reason that I do not have the full version. Eberhard
  2. I downloaded a demo version of X-ATC Chatter from X-Plane.org and installed it in Pilot2atc as shown in the video-tutorial, but I can not hear any sound from X-ATC at all. Hho can help me Eberhard
  3. I ijnstalled X-ATC Chatter in Pilot2ATC-program following the video tutorial, but I can not hear the sound of X-ATC. However, I made the following errors when setting up: In the Programm "Pilot2atc/config/P2A/Sounds" register I have an entry "C:\User\ebh\Desktop" According to X-ATC Chatter´s instructions, the line should be blank. May be it is not importend for this problem, but I would like to have this line blank. It is not possibly for me to remove it.
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