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  1. I am considering the logitech extreme 3d joystick it has accelerator and twist rudder control. Yes i am flying in cockpit view mode and i am seated when attempting landing. I am trying hand flying. I downloaded Lord of Landing and will try it. Does the julianna airport in fsx have papi lights? How do I engage spoilers? i will turn off speed hold.
  2. HelloHow do i land at princiess juliana airport in crj700? When i am lined up the copilot says to cut throttle. Thats when i disengage the autopilot and start gliding to the runeay with a speed of 130 knots and 3000 ft altitude. I then usually land before the runway or the side. I am using a keyboard and when i approach for landing the copilot says to set flaps at 45 degrees and when i set flaps to 45 degrees an alarm like sounds. ThanksJ