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  1. another one in the works... can you guess the airline? Regards Matthew
  2. This is best as I can get the Aer Lingus for now, not even sure on how I'm gonna tackle the grey on the bottom of the aircraft. Regards Matthew
  3. Thank Liam, a bit more progress, just trying to find a way to just fix small issues of the mapping, here's what it looks like atm. As you can see the mapping is a bit weird on just the left hand side and I'm not sure how to combat that issue (see below) Regards Matthew
  4. It's a bit of learning curve as it's basically trying to work with a flat file, which is a shame. I have an Aer Lingus regional in the works, a few issues due to the way the dds maps to the model which creates a non straight line. Here's a sneak peak. Not sure if I will finish it, I'll see how it goes. Regards Matthew
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