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  1. Im gonna read that yes. The main reason for Simstarter over Lorby was the ability to set cores to certain apps. I usually free my core 0/1 from load of apps like activesky, chaseplane etc. Probably invest in process lasso now. Thanks again for the help ^^
  2. Thanks for the hint,yes 🙂 Atm i wont touch it anymore. AO found some duplicates and cleared the indexes, the whole order is different now but everything works... So when this happens again i just let AO run over again?
  3. Im amazed.... AddonOrganizer fixed it 🙂 It found some duplicates (even they never showed up in the sim lib inside p3d itself), cleared the indexes and viola. Thank you ^^
  4. I guess i would be fine not understanding if i would know how to make the sim work again 🙂 Ill try it with your tool now...
  5. Well, it seems to matter. Because when WSSS is Package.0 the scenery overlaps. And the half of the 4 layers roam around other places. They are not in order anymore in the scenery library. When WSSS is the last one all is good and all 4 layers kepp together in order, as intended. And in this state the sim will get immensely blurry. I think there are some things going on behind the scenes that are not easy to figure out in such moments. I will ask them how they do it. Thanks so far 🙂 What i forgot, i asked a friend in the night to test this on his rig and its the very same for him. When he has entries in the %appdata% addons cfg then the order of scenery of all addon xml entries changes. As soon as they are out and the file is empty they stay in order. Also, how can it be that 0 and 51 are placed next to each other? That doesnt make sense to me. EDIT: ok i was wrong.... now even they stay together it reads the entries in the wrong order.... my god this is getting too weird really. The right order would be So P3D for whatever reason reads them opposite
  6. Thank you for the comment. I dont really try to order it in a different way because i want it like that, the sim orders it wrong and i try to fix it 🙂 I added a post in night, im not sure it was there already when you read it. I found the problem and its related to what you said in your post. In my current state of the sim weird things happen when P3D loads the scenery from all 3 locations, the %appdata% addons cfg, the %program files% addon cfg / autodiscovery and scenery cfg entries. Whenever i do that at some point when installing other scenery the whole sim breaks basically. And most of the time this happens after installation of WSSS from Imaginesim, wich comes with 4 layers of scenery done over a way that im not sure if its the right one. I didnt read the SDK yet but they dont write into C:\Users\sdsd\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 but into C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 But its not an autodiscovery scenery, they install to whatever place (outside the documents/P3D addons) and probably do it over CLI. But im not sure yet.... was a long night. What happens is this: When one is installing WSSS, at least in my case it will be added as  [Package.0] PATH=E:\P3D\Addon Scenery\ImagineSim\WSSS Singapore P3Dv4 TITLE=Imagine Simulation WSSS2_PD4 ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false to this file C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 There are 51 other entries and the last one is UUEE with the nr [Package.51] Despite that it will be shown on top, next to UUEE. So WSSS = 0 and UUEE = 51 and still it shows like here This only stays until i add one other airport, doesnt matter wich one. Then WSSS gets either split up in 2 parts, 2 layers of it stay on top and the other 2 layers move down. In this state i get blurries in the sim and some scenery overlap with payware. Like WSSS where suddenly the standard scenery overlaps. Seems the exclusion doesnt work anymore then. So i thought why in all names can they both be next to each other in row when one is nr 0 and the other one nr 51 and saw that when i move WSSS from 0 to 51 all is fine. Now all is like it should be, and they still stay together in row. Last one (nr 52) is WSSS and UUEE is 51, what is also reflected up there in the pic. No overlapping of standard scenery now too. My simple question would be is what is the normal/right thing to happen when a scenery is installed into C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Lets say there are 30 entries in there. What happens when one adds the 31.th, does it get the number 31 or does it get 0 and all the others move one up in numbers?
  7. Im afraid im a victim of this behaviour....trying to find the reason for some ordering issue i have since many many hours now... without any luck. Devs arent really helpful too. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=132637 https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/143270-problem-with-scenery-order-part-ii/
  8. This problem starts to really hit my nerves. If chaseplane is open, p3d running and one does windows key commands like ctrl+alt+delete for taskmanager it seems to disturb how chaseplane reads input commands. Now the assigned buttons dont work anymore because it still detects that the keys would be pressed, resulting in things like this I dont press the delete anymore. But chaseplane things it would be pressed, resulting in nothing working anymore. A restart of CP works but that is a real hassle in my case because i start it with an affinity mask to not run on core 1. That means i have to start CP and always go into taskmanager and reset the AM. This is really disturbing. Would be nice if this can be fixed.
  9. I would like to know by what means this fps improvements are achieved (if at all...most often this is a placebo/coincidence bec other weather etc). After so much time ppl spent to try this and also me trying to do the same over the most different ways i find it hard to believe that there is a possible increase in fps without having other loss in regards to visuals or whatever. If someone wants to hear my personal opinion about those products: Not needed anymore.... There is Rex Skyforce, Envtex, Tomatoshade (where one can use presets that basically look identical or better with either freeware sky or whatever) and by now 4 or 5 other tools that do exactly the same. Like Envshade that sells for 6 Euro. This thing is way way way too expensive for what it offers,.
  10. This (disable fullscreen opt.) fixes the flickering but causes other issues. Like one cannot use fixed refreshrates anymore. Things like 1/2 refresh-rate. And like mentioned other functions in the sync section wont work too anymore. Sadly there is no fix that doesnt have unwanted side-effects, noone seems to care about this enough. There are hundres of posts in forum and everyone accepts the very first answer: "disable fullscreen optimizations or "use vsync". Theres exactly 1 group of ppl who are the ones who probably wont have this problem. The ones without any addons installed and able to fly in over 60 fps vsynced...Or the ones that accept immense microstutters....
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