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  1. This is a link to a number of excellent little mods which includes tinyhud that will remove the hud using NumLock or Backspace. https://github.com/mixMugz/msfs2020-uimod
  2. Many thanks Phantoms (great handle btw) that is just the post I was looking for.
  3. Thanks Ryan. The process is certainly within the Dev Mode but, irc, it requires some actions within the Project Editor.
  4. I am sure I read a topic that described how to use the SDK to refresh a sortie after making a scenery change, without going back for a full reload. Would appreciate if anyone can point to the original topic or outline the "how to"
  5. I find it essential to calibrate the controls on every flight. This would be achieved if you do full & free during the pre-takeoff chx. But, if like me, you often rush takeoff or spawn airborne at a custom position then select Active Pause and do a full movement through all 3 axis. In my experience manageable flight control become possible after this action. Hope it helps.
  6. The brilliant little "hidden_hud" mod from Mugz will make your screenshots look better! https://github.com/mixMugz/msfs2020-uimod/releases/tag/v.0.0.1-2
  7. Many thanks Bobcat. The artwork was from the cover of the 1985 RAF Yearbook, published after we reformed the Squadron with F4J in 1984.
  8. Would greatly appreciate links to those 2 mods.
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