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  1. Tom Kyler posted over on the X/V forum that the IXEG Development is moving forward again with areas for updates including, 3D cabin/doors/animations and the FMS. That's excellent news.
  2. Tom did state "For a while now, IXEG development has sat relatively idle. The reasons for this are multiple and have been stated in other forums; however, two significant factors contributing to that idleness have since wained and IXEG are looking at how to best move forward with IXEG updates again". "The important thing is that IXEG are moving again to improve the FMS." Fingers crossed, that with this statement, updates will be coming much sooner now; rather that 2021 🙂
  3. Surprisingly; after all these years, this is still my main go-to aircraft, they's just sometime about the 737 Classic that captures you.
  4. Same thing started happening here also.
  5. 19Delta

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    If XP could only find a find a way to implement these new technical code to their weather engine, Now; that would be sometime amazing.