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  1. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

    Thank you very much Charliearon and Enko . I will try your suggestion.
  2. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

  3. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

    I have SP1 and SP2. I Dont have FSX wıth Acceleration. This is photo links how İts looks like
  4. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem

    Thank you for reply. I tried DX10. Only Body and engines black rest of aircraft is working (cocpit, sound,..) I don't know how I can upload a Photo
  5. asaf3866

    a330 texture problem this is the link from Avsim Library.
  6. I download Thomas Ruth Turkish Airlines A330-343E. After correctly installed the aircraft only wings are correct but Body and Engines are black. I try to turn on and turn off DX10. Please help
  7. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for reply.I turned off DX10 and I have SP1 and SP2 installed.Only problem with A330 and A340 models.I download and installed different variation of A330 and A340 from Simaviation and Avsim Library. Cockpit and Others work good. Only issue is outside look some models black aircraft some models only wings are visible.
  8. I have only problem with Airbus a330 and A340. After I installed the aircraft only wings and engines are Ok but Body is black.I dont use direct x.Please help