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  1. OK, don't know what to say but problem is fixed. I had left my computer on for a day. I tried shutting down P3D and restarting fresh boot and problem went away. Don't know what caused it to happen in first place but a fresh reboot of P3D did the trick.
  2. It has been at several. Recently It was KTYS.
  3. I have noticed several times that AI aircraft landing on runways continues to sink (descend) below the runway and out of view. On one instance I could only see the top part of the airliner's tail navigating through the airport. Anyone else experience this and any solutions found?
  4. Thanks 🙏 Nico. Before I reinstalled I loaded up a different aircraft hoping it might update my parking fix and that worked!
  5. Please see below log. Wed Jan 23 05:46:41 2019 (utc) version 13.3 PSXT (64 bit) for Prepar3D v4.4 ***************************** parameters ***************************** GROUND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE=true LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false COLLISION_DET_GND=true LOG_PARK=true LOG_MATCHING=true HEAVY_MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LOG_THIRD_PARTY_AC=true ADD_FLIGHTPLAN=true LOG_XML=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true AUTO_MODE=false COLLISION_USER_LIVE_GND=true COLLISION_USER_PARKED=true MAIN_WINDOW_X=1040 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=0 LATERAL_RANGE=40 MAX_LIVE_AIRCRAFT=200 UPS=25 PARKING_PERCENTAGE=35 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=not yet determined VMRGENERATOR=FLAi FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER=flightplans PARKEDFOLDER=parked_default BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ********************************************************************** Error: 91: "data\airports.xml" (or sections of it) not found? Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM 05:47:08 User closed PSXseeconTraffic MAIN_WINDOW_X=1040 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=0 Wed Jan 23 05:47:08 2019
  6. I have been using Live ATC iPhone app and enjoy that I can tune to a large variety of towers, TRACONS and Enroute Centers around the world. What if.... all the Live ATC channels were mapped and then wherever my in simulation aircraft in P3D was it would auto tune to the Correct Live ATC channel. So if i were on the ground at LAX I would here the LAX ground on Live ATC. If I was flying over LAX at 11,000 feet Inwould be hearing The right ATC Live channel for that location if my aircraft. As I continued flying I and my location or altitude changed it would auto Change to the correct Live ATC channel. That would be pretty cool to have running for background “chatter”.
  7. So I log in to RealTraffic, launch P3D and then PSXseeconTraffic (is there a shorter name to call this?). Im starting P3D at KSMF in CAlifornia but then RealTraffic radar is showing traffic for an airport in Columbus Georgia (KCSG). I don’t see any AI traffic in Sacramento and thebheading of my a/c on the RealTraffic radar doesn’t match my a/c heading on the ground at KSMF. PSX is showing all green with P3D and RealTraffic connected How come RealTraffic is not reporting my aircraft location and why can’t I see the AI aircraft around me in real time?