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  1. I tried the Demo in VR, with HP G2, 3080TI, 32 gigs DDR5, Intel I9 12900KF. It was not good, the text on the placards, would go from clear to blurry, the frames were stuttering, the visuals were really reduced and bad. It looked ok in flat screen mode, but not enough for me to buy it and stop flying MSFS 2020.
  2. Do you guys have a discord channel setup on. I have one group, that flies, and you just head into discord server, and others from that group will go8; there whenever they fly, and try to meet up.
  3. What is the latest version of the aircraft supposed to be? Have they done an update lately? I am getting crash to desktop, after the awesome flight, when heading back to world page. losing my logged 4 hour flight.. i9 12gen KRF, 3080TI, 32 GB DDR 5, operating DX11. Wish developers would send out an email, when its updated.. CRJ from aerosoft is the same way, never sure, what is most current, compared to what I have.. pain.
  4. Anyone know how to get the Sandwiches to work again? I have set cruise to 22,000 feet, made sure low cost airlines is switched off, no more sandwiches in a while..
  5. Anyone know how to dim the Garmin displays for night flying, can’t seem to find a knob like the Caravan has.
  6. Still can’t operate the Altitude level with the autopilot button without mouse for altitude changes, which is a pain…. Not sure why they can’t make this work, when other buttons can be assigned to your devices… Anyone ever figure out a work around for this?
  7. How do you go to the board to take away the glass panel. Weird new issue my flaps don’t animate, was this a one off bug in game, or a known issue? It was like my flaps were always he same, but the lever on the dash worked….
  8. Think 40 is expensive, when the entire game is 59, with lots of aircraft to pick from. But I agree, they would do much better at a lower price point. If they sold this thing for 20 dollars, they would have a lot more people on board…
  9. I would pay 20 US Dollars, but not the price they are asking. Thats a bit steep. Once again when the entire program costs 59.00 for basic version with several planes, and then adds on several other planes when you double that price to premium version. Change the price to 20, and I am in, otherwise, Join the growing list of high priced planes that are out and soon to be out, I will not have. I got burned on the CRJ, that can’t even do ILS landings worth a darn, The F15 was terrible, till the community really started helping Dean create a better product, and its still not worth the selling price to me. I never fly it anymore.. I guess for a really nice VR experience, at about the same cost, Ill fly the 135 in the Aerofly 2. It is so much clearer in VR, its like having glasses on, all their planes are better in VR, not the same as having multiplayer, or the big maps, but If you want to fly a cool helicopter, they have the R22 as well. Its just a bit more for the entire program than what the Hype guys just priced at.
  10. Will you spend Doge coin at the Mars Bar?
  11. So is the new version out available for download?
  12. Any speculation on the release of the new version, like to see it without that extra glass for gun site in VR. I am constantly moving my head above and below, and the thing kind of causes eye strain in VR after a bit.
  13. Better to be bug free! Worth the wait.
  14. The 135 is really good, and getting better with each update... As a rated helicopter pilot with 1300 hours in turbines, some 300 so in piston, I was a bit interested in checking out the flight dynamics of the Bell 47. Never really liked flying it in real life, too slow, even compared to the R22. Had a autorotation, closer to the Jetranger with the higher inertia blades.. but I preferred the Robinson R44 for piston work.. 35.00 US dollars, thats a bit steep for the Bat Copter. Sidelining this one..
  15. Chock, you need to fly the H135 now in comparison.
  16. How do we know when it comes out, and will you get an email link, or just go back to download from original time?
  17. Any updates on the update release? Whats the clearance, Clarence?
  18. FBW is way better, the CRJ normally can’t do one... But the Cessnas will...
  19. This thing can not do ILS approach, unless you should of bought a lotto ticket that day. I have had it freak out with massive pitch up, when trim was fine seconds before. The plane does not allow you use same settings for Autopilot items, reverse thrusters have to be mapped differently, not sure why it can’t just map the same things in the sim.. Too bad the plane is pretty nice, the cabin announcements are cool,
  20. Nice review Chock! Love the reviews, and your historical knowledge of the aircraft. Think I need to get it now!
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