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  1. atlphx

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I hope that the NG3 has the BBJ model included. It would be a great addition and gives us a true long haul business jet. Ben Stout
  2. atlphx

    A couple of questions

    That worked great! Thank you so much for the tips.
  3. atlphx

    A couple of questions

    Hello All, I would first like to congratulate the Flysimware team on an amazing aircraft but I have a couple of questions that I could not find in the manual. 1. The autopilot, I have had major difficulties with the IAS mode tracking a speed and how to set a speed on it so I was wondering how to do that. I have also had some issues with the ILS tracking the localizer which it seems like it has a hard time doing. 2. I could not find the APU for the life of me so where is it in the cockpit. 3. I have no N2 rising on engine start off of the GPU but rather the N1 rising. Is this normal behavior? 4. Can I put a number for fuel into the manager or does it have to be one of the three selected options? Thanks so Much