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  1. Checked the log. The crossing restriction is as I stated. Emailing log to you.
  2. Thanks. I will refly the route. It is possible that it is as you say and I misunderstood what ATC told me. Otherwise, will send you the log.
  3. Flight from KMSP to KORD, FL 330, FYTTE5 ZZIPR transition for arrival to RWY 28R. After passing ZZIPR (don’t recall the distance) received clearance to cross FFYTE at 5700, then descend via the FYTTE5 arrival. It seemed, first of all, that an altitude of 5700 was kind of strange, especially given that the FYTTE5 arrival calls for a hard altitude of 11000 for that intersection, and also specifies 300 kts for landings to the west. My 737-700 had to just about fall out of the sky, and even at that could not make 5700 feet at 250 kts. I received a Descent Path Unachievable and Unable 250 kts message on the FMS CDU. Flew this route twice, and received this clearance both times. Is there a logical explanation for it?
  4. I think that is exactly the case. If so, PMDG needs to update the documentation.
  5. DaveCT2003 - They are not there, only the intro and tutorials. Now I have read that there are copyright issues. Found the training manual on the web, so I’m ok, but was confused that the op center was giving links to docs that weren’t there.
  6. Just downloaded and installed 737 NGX. Went to the operations center to look at some manuals. Although they are all listed, the only ones that come up are the Intro and tutorials 1 & 2. None of the training or ops manuals. When I look in the Flight Manuals folder in the sim, those three are the only ones there. What to do?? Wright Truesdell
  7. I had unchecked 04/22 in maint, and it picked 30L for my next flight. That would be the rwy I would expect. 😀 Thanks, Dave. Wonderul product.
  8. Thanks, Jeb, that is helpful. As I have been running the test version, I have used KMSP (my home airport) quite a bit, and it uses 04/22 almost exclusively. The funny thing is, that runway is very rarely used in real life - basically only when there are strong southwest winds. 12/30R & L and the relatively recent 17/35 get almost all the traffic. I willl look more closely at taxi maint. Thanks again.
  9. About to pull the trigger on this great application after the test period, but I am confused about something. Listening to ATIS at KMSP, the wind was (accurately) reported as 31017G28, but the runway in use for arriving and departing aircraft was 22. With that wind, is there a reason why the active runway wasn’t 30L and/or 30R?
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