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  1. Dand76

    P3d Mouse issue

    My cpu speed is 3.8ghz
  2. Dand76

    P3d Mouse issue

    Hello recently ive been flting in p3d and noticed when i hover over a control in the cockpit the mouse cursor get really tiny and lags my screen and looses fps. It also happens when i hit the space bar and look around using the mouse. Anyone have a solution to this ? Thank You
  3. does anyone know how to delete the default taxiway signs from the scenery they are on the grass and in the middle of the taxiways. Thanks
  4. The p3d scenario screen loads up i choose active sky weather theme then choose my aircraft and then my starting airport, it then freezes then crashes. sometimes the loading screen will load up and then just start the default scenario without me actually getting to fly. Anyone have afix to this i havent been able to fly in a month because of this !!!!
  5. Dand76

    Quality wings 787 TOD

    Hello I recently bought the quality wings 787 for p3d v4.4 I do everything I’m supposed to and enter in the flight plan. During the flight no TOD shows up of the ND and I have to decent manually any fixes to the TOD show up ?
  6. Dand76

    P3D v4.4 Problems !!

    Hello Everytime I try to fly the load up screen comes up it glitches freezes then starts a sceneio and when that scenario loads I can’t go in it. I heard suggestions saying uncheck the startup screen but that doesn’t work if anyone encountered the same problem please help !
  7. Dand76

    P3D v4.4 Problems !!

    how do i create a new default ?
  8. Dand76

    P3D v4.4 Problems !!

    Hello, i never had this problem until v4.4 but everytime i start up p3d it starts up a default scenerio randomly. Also when im trying to the change aircrafts airport weather and time it freezes and crashes.... very annoying PLEASE HELP!!!
  9. Dand76

    P3D question

    Hello, im currently running P3D v4 and FPS is great only thing is the dynamic lighting slows down FPS so much and I have the texture filter on 2x I’m also on a 4K resolution any solutions to this
  10. Hello I’ve still been wondering how to fix this problem where gsx keeps saying open exit 2 when all the correct doors are open please help
  11. Dand76

    P3d Wont start up!!!!

    Question, I try and start up P3D v4.3 and it gets stuck at the loading page where it says P3D ... anyone know how to fix this beacuse i want to fly😁
  12. Hey guys, Question when I’m watching youtubers do a flight they always go back to their home screen and go on the internet or somethin. I was wondering if anyone knows how to keep P3D running in the background when your on the internet mine keeps pausing
  13. Dand76

    Scenery glitch

    I dont have Orbx global vector only Ftx global openLC North America is there anything else that could be causing this ?
  14. Dand76

    Scenery glitch

    hello i just bought the Fly Tampa boston rebooted and installed it but when i load it up the scenery loads but the aircraft loads underneath the runway and im not allowed to use the taxiway or runways im stuck underground in need of a resolution Thanks guys
  15. Another question I have a gtx 970 does anyone have a gtx 970 and suggested setting to make it run nice please share FPS friendly settings