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  1. Hello. Why doesn't it show all the vehicles OF GSX2 at Trondheim airport ... and if I bring the camera closer, some are under the plane or the plane above them ... whoever prefers. I only have this problem at ENVA other airports flawlessly.With old one ENVA I didn't have any problems.Any advise?
  2. Hello.Yes everything o'right already, thanks and I use FS2Crew with button control, before takeoff using the assigned key button I ask READY? then is TAKEOFF again press the button to perform TAKEOFF and next to TAKEOFF on the panel display red color STOP!No display changes the mode to TAKEOFF ROLL.Why?Unless I have changed something at settings.
  3. Hello.I have bought FS2Crew version Captain's (with RAAS) for FsLabs A320 but doesn't work even there is no at addons of P3Dv4.Even I downloaded and replaced new one DLL.xml from FS2crew to fix it but nothing.Any help?
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