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    P2ATC issues/Problems

    Hi, I've been having some issues with Pilot2ATC. Xplane. 1) "Sayit" button doesn't do anything I can't pop it up to do any of the voice training anymore. 2) I constantly get ATC asking me to climb and maintain a flight level even though I am at that flight level. I've tried going up and down 500 metres and I've even set the altitude variance to 500 then 600 then 1000. Didn't make any difference. I also did see when descending that it would still say climb and maintain flight level #, it seems like its not tracking the flight altitude? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cardajowol

    P2ATC issues/Problems

    Hay Cheers, I've sent over the log. I'll have a look I had it at English UK. And it did work when I first used demo but then it just stopped working.
  3. cardajowol

    P2ATC issues/Problems

    Hi cheers for getting back to me I did try this a while ago in the demo and had the same problems. I was using Q400 for Xplane then and had the same problems today with the Toliss A319. (This being the altitude issue) but I turned on Project Fly which also use XPUIPC and that could see my flight height, even though it was 500 feet below what I was at, I did change my altitude to bring it up 500 feet above my altitude to see if that changed anything and no change. Still screaming at me to change my flight level. Is there anywhere in P2ATC that shows you you're aircrafts altitude? As for the training, apologise I was getting mixed up been a while since I looked at that issue but its in the Pilot2ATC Language Trainer, I don't see any selected phrases or using the train button does nothing.