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  1. I did contact via support page and still havent heard anything back. Error message. You have reached the maximum number of computers allowed for your account. For more info visit the support section of our website.
  2. I think people are happy about what’s to come on PMDG products. Just can’t wait to hear the news. I’m one of those people. As a aircraft mechanic on 777 I love to hear when new things are coming to the 777 on a sim. To see a lot that PMDG implement. I’m like wow. So close to getting the MAT to work. That’s a lot of realism in this PMDG product. I’m new to the sim world too. So I’m figuring out a lot of this on websites like this. I know some people can be a pain but don’t get mad at the people/Fans that want you to knock it out the park Olympic260. As a new simmer. Thx for having me and letting me be apart of this great experience.
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