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  1. Thank you so much! It finally worked. I had a little suspicion that the problem was the DDS conversion. Now I can finally paint my liveries and see how they are applied in-game. Again, thanks a lot!
  2. I was attempting to make a livery for my VA using a paintkit for the Zibo 737-800 using GIMP. After finishing up the simple details (I am quite new to texturing) I used a GIMP plugin to turn the file into a DDS file. The problem is that the textures either show up as grey or as the default livery (American) in game. When you look at the file in File Explorer, a preview isn't available in contrast to the default files. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello! I'm a chairman of a virtual airline, Unami Airlines. We received a paint for the EADT 737 previously, but it appeared that our members preferred the Zibo 737 over that model. So I am looking for painters that could paint a similar livery for the Zibo 737. Here are two attachments for the livery: Image1 Image2 If you are interested, we look forward to working with you! Thanks in advance! /Ground