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  1. I installed the free SimServer just to try it out and it displays the CDU but the little bar says "Connected, waiting for aircraft" despite FSX being open with the Aerosoft A320 loaded.
  2. I'd rather see if I can fix this before looking for alternatives. And i have FSX.
  3. Yes my Aerosoft a320 is supported, for about a second before it disappeared and the CDU read that it has disconnected again.
  4. I recently bought the rather expensive A320 CDU app, only to find that it stubbornly will not connect to my computer. No online resource seems to be able to fix this issue. I've modified my firewall settings, even disabled it and tried, and nothing. Opened the CTRL panel, and it seems my iPad pops up for a few seconds only to disappear, with the CDU reading "disconnected". My IP's are all correct, checked many times. Reinstalled VAInterface, and it still doesn't want to connect. Anyone willing to shed some light on this issue?
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